OB Ragster quoted in Washington Post on why she cancelled her subscription to the San Diego U-T

OB Ragster Anna Daniels when she worked as a librarian for the City of San Diego.

Seems OB Ragsters are getting quoted everywhere these days. Doug Porter was quoted by the San Diego U-T just this past Sunday on why their former comment policy turned people off – particularly newbies to town.

And today, we are overjoyed to announce that our own Anna Daniels was quoted yesterday in a Washington Post article. The frame of the article was why former Bush Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield cancelled his subscription to the New York Times (due to a righteous column by one of our faves, Paul Krugman).

So, Anna is quoted on why she cancelled her subscription a while back to the San Diego Union Tribune. Here’s the quote (Karen Winner was formerly one of the main editors):

In 2009, Anna Daniels declared on the OB Rag why she was cancelling her subscription to the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Dear Karin Winner, Editor:

Ms. Winner, I just canceled my 15+ year subscription to the Union-Tribune. I asked to speak to a supervisor who would convey my reason for doing so to the appropriate individuals within the company. The reason I gave to Hector was the U-T’s recent decision to publish all City employee names and salary information on signonsandiego.com.

This was a U-T decision that did not sit well with Anna, as at the time, she was a City of San Diego employee (a librarian). At least Washington Post columnist Erik Wemple mentioned the OB Rag, and provided a link in his article. The U-T had mentioned Doug Porter in theirs as “a blogger” but failed to describe which blog he wrote for.

(Just for the record, the OB Rag is no longer a blog; we are now a full-fledged website.)

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