Student Walk-Outs Planned at City College, SDSU, and UCSD for March 1st

As part of the March 1st National Day of Action for Education, three area college campuses are planning student and faculty walk-outs tomorrow, the first day of March. Students at City College, San Diego State University, and University of California at San Diego have all joined in this national day of demonstrations, and each campus […]

City-Wide Committee of Planners Agree to Investigate Ocean Beach’s Issue With San Diego

It worked. Last night’s outpouring of support and solidarity for the Ocean Beach planners in their fight with the City proved the ticket. The city-wide committee of neighborhood planners agreed with the OB Board that this issue of the City granting improper variances was indeed an issue worthy of study.

Formally known as the Council of Planning Committees (CPC), they voted unanimously last night to create a committee to specifically look into the issue of the variances and to facilitate a resolution. There was sympathy for the issue when it was brought up at the regular monthly meeting of the CPC last night, as it appears the same type of city granting of variances is occurring in other communities as well.   [Read more…]