I Hate the 4th of July

What is it about shooting off firecrackers that reduces big men to small boys? What is the thrill of the loud bang? What is the thrill of the possibility of doing real damage to property and living things? Why is it necessary to bring these illegal noise makers into neighborhoods that already famous for their firework shows year after year after year?

I have an eleven year old Golden Retriever.  He is well trained; well mannered and scared to death of loud noises.  When a fire cracker is shot off he tries to hide. Everywhere. He tries to get under the covers; he tries to get under the carpet; he tries to get under clothes in the closet. He will try to get into the shower; He runs through the house like the firecracker is tied onto his tail.  Buddy is not a small dog. He weighs close to 115 pounds. Yet he is tormented by unthinking people that are into instant gratification every year at this time.  It started on July 1st.  The first set of firecrackers were shot off about 9:00pm – and continued until after 10:30pm. Buddy was a wreck. His heart beat faster than the airplanes causing the sonic boom just a day or two earlier; He went into my office and knocked all of my computer equipment onto the floor as he tried to crawl onto the shelves to get away from the noise.

July 2nd was no different, except his hiding place was in a different place. The built-in shower. And the firecrackers continued until 11:00pm. Now mind you I am not talking about the SeaWorld fireworks shows. Early on he became use to the percussion sounds from 9:55pm to 10:00pm. No, I am talking about firecrackers – M80’s – noise makers.

Last night, July 3rd was no exception. There was a steady stream of firecrackers being lit from about 8:30pm until 11:00. When I went outside to ask the perp to stop, I could not find him/them. Yet, the noise continued.

Every article I have read about things to do on the 4th mention to “keep your dog safe.”  I’m trying, Lord, but the wrong people are reading the articles. Those of us that are “dog people” know what the noises can do to our friends.   Please people. Think about the consequences when you indulge in this illegal childish behavior. Someday that scared pet may be your own. (And…if you believe in reincarnation – someday that pet may be you!)


Judi Curry

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  1. avatarChristine Schanes says

    Hi, Judi,
    Thanks for writing about fireworks and their effect upon your dog and all of our pets.

    Recently, it has come to my consciousness that any one or corporation who sets off fireworks, legal or not, over water may have severe consequences on the environment and the living beings in the water.

    With this new awareness, I think often of the damage these fireworks do just so people and/or corporations have the benefit of 10 minutes or less of sparkels in the sky.

    Protecting our pets, environment and living beings should be a priority for all of us.

    Thanks for writing on this topic.