COURTS: Lawsuit says press credentials issued by SDPD violate First Amendment

Ramona Videographer Thinks Of Himself As a Watchdog – Police Think Otherwise But They Issue Press Passes

By Brandon Lowrey / North County Times / August 14, 2012

A Connecticut-based news agency is suing San Diego city and county officials in federal court, claiming that press credentials issued by the San Diego Police Department violate the First Amendment.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Connecticut by American News and Information Services Inc., centers on authorities’ treatment of a freelance video journalist from Ramona whose press credential was taken away. It’s the latest in a nationwide series of battles about the government’s classification and treatment of journalists.

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  1. avatar says

    Great article. Government-issued press credentials are simply tools for the government to manage the news. When I was a working journalist in NYC, my publisher issued his own press passes. Worked fine. I still carry it with me for sentimental reasons, but with a little chutzpah it still works. One of our favorite tactics in NYC was to take a picture of the gatekeeper & publish it. I was always amazed at how they shrunk from the camera. Sometimes tried to break it. An old & hallowed journalistic ambush tactic for sure, but easier to do today & virtually instant. Journalists, speak loudly & carry a big camera! Whatever or whomever you shoot becomes the news you’re covering. And you become the newsbreaker.