Mr. President : Legalize Marijuana and You’ll Get the Youth Vote and Win the Election.

A Majority of Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana Now for the First Time

This is an Open Letter to President Barack Obama Calling on him to legalize marijuana.

If you legalize marijuana, Mr. President, you’ll get the youth vote and win the 2012 Presidential election. It’s as simple as that. However you do it, Mr. President, if you legalize cannabis, you’ll then do for the young of this country what you did for the Mexican-American and Latino populations, and then what you did for the gay and lesbian communities earlier this year.

How is this so?

It just so happens, that here in the midst of campaign 2012, the issue of marijuana legalization and the status of medical cannabis have perhaps paradoxically both become highly charged topics. Legalization initiatives are on three state ballots, there’s a whole array of other reform measures up for vote, and there’s polls that show a majority of Americans support straight-out legalization of pot – all that makes this year 2012 an historic year for marijuana reform.

But you wouldn’t know it by watching the campaigns of Governor Romney and President Obama. Both candidates continue to avoid talking about marijuana legalization, and Romney even chastised a reporter in Colorado recently for bringing up the subject – it’s on the state ballot. Both candidates apparently believe it’s a non-issue. Yet they do so at their own peril. As the more likely candidate to support marijuana reform, Obama, would win if he came out publicly for its legalization.

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  1. avatarPatrick Binder says

    No, I will not vote for him because he changes his position on a whim… would you vote Hitler in for another term if he changed his mind? (not calling Obama Hitler here, just asking if someone switches their mind on a truly heinous human rights issue, is all forgiven or what?)

    • avatarTony says

      What about Romney? He don’t change his mind constantly or flat out lie like a snake.. Not that I choose Obama I don’t choose any democrat or republican BOTH are to blame for this country’s down fall, not one is better than the other!!

    • avatarHubcap says

      Of course he has. So have I. The difference is that unlike me, Ron Paul has been in Congress for twenty years and yet, has authored exactly the same number of bills as I have on the subject.

  2. avatarPaul Reid says

    MASS Incarceration is defined as “Detention of any significant demographic or percentage of the population’..The “War” on Cannabis supports mass incarceration…The police state that has become America is a sad, sad sight with no chances of getting better anytime soon..Under the guise of a “drug war” Politicians keep their Jack-Botted foot on the neck of this, once great, country and everyone hates them…and they really wonder why?
    Cannabis should not be legalized. It should be RE-LEGALIZED as until 1937, Cannabis was used as a First-Line treatment for all physicians to treat Hundreds of medical conditions. A pharmacist of that day would have made Cannabis Tincture in Pharmacy school-it was the gold-standard of practicing the craft.
    Today, those with a financial interest in prohibition have done everything they can, up to and including Murder, Smuggling, Influence peddling on a GLOBAL scale and corruption of the highest order- to lie to America about this most beneficial and healing plant. THESE LIES MUST END-The country will not bend to the will of politics on this one. More people support ENDING Cannabis prohibition than did support Same Sex Marriage.
    So where’s the “evolution”?
    ANYONE still supporting prohibition of Cannabis, after this election. will see themselves as the oppressed. ARRESTING # MILLION DURING YOUR WATCH IS have a beter word for it?

  3. avatarGordon Wagner says

    Keep in mind that hemp is illegal because it can be processed into products which directly compete with petrochemical, plastic and textiles products. That is why it was made illegal, that, and the fact that the US had a bunch of “revenue agents” who were in need of another government teat after alcohol prohibition ended. The delightful intoxication offered by hemp flowers is but a sideshow compared to the economic potential of industrialized hemp. Find and read a copy of Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” — it’s a slam dunk examination of hemp prohibition in the US.