RNC Tampa Inanity Watch 2012!

Help us keep track of the dumbest things said at the Republican National Convention

Welcome to the official opening of the 2012 presidential general election campaign season!  This week, as you may have heard, the GOP kicks off their festivities in Tampa, Florida, in the wake and just outside the path of Hurricane Isaac.  The storm may have delayed the opening of the Mitt Romney Coronation Convention, but it surely hasn’t dampened the GOP spirits, and it hasn’t affected their confidence heading into November.

Let’s face it:  GOPers have been known to say some mindboggling things over the last two years.  In fact, it’s almost expected that something pretty dumb will come out of a Republican figure’s mouth.  This week especially it is assured that some whoppers will come out of Tampa, particularly with the extreme social agenda included in the official Republican platform that RNC Convention Chair Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (aka:  Gov. Ultrasound) put forth last week.  Tampa should provide us with a veritable treasure trove of unintentionally comedic/frightening statements.

In that spirit, the San Diego Free Press is asking our readers to submit their own list of the five most inane, insane, or just plain stupid things said during the Republican National Convention.  Please include links where possible so that we can verify the statements.  Email them to us at contact@sandiegofreepress.org.  At the end of the week, we will sort through the submissions and compile a top 10 list of the craziest, stupidest things said at the RNC based on our reader suggestions.

Have fun with it, but please keep it PG rated.


Andy Cohen

Andy spent 15 years working in the highest levels of the San Diego professional sports world, including both the Padres and the Chargers. He began his foray into writing while a volunteer for Francine Busby's 2010 Congressional campaign, eventually becoming a contributor to the now defunct SDNN. He has reported on local and national politics for both the OB Rag and the San Diego Free Press. When not reporting news and events, he offers political and policy commentary from a liberal perspective, occasionally turning back to his sports roots. While he does not hide his more liberal political bent, Andy always strives for fairness in the telling of a story.


  1. avatarDavid says

    It will be tough to out-do Todd Akin’s ( and others) comments, but I suspect they will do it soon and with great alacrity… The gavel drops, the moron magnets go on and the BS just flows naturally…organically, even…