Field of View: San Diego Free Press Meet-and-Greet

More than 30 people attended the San Diego Free Press meet-and-greet held Sunday in Lemon Grove. Presentations on the history of the internet, how to write a blog post and the original SDFP were given before opening up the floor to general introductions and collaboration. Food and drinks were shared as well as ideas about how those in attendance could best contribute to the SDFP.

Papa Doug, if your ears were burning yesterday, this was why.

All photos by Annie Lane.

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Annie Lane

Annie Lane

“If you don't feel it, flee from it. Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated.” - Paul F. Davis
Annie Lane


  1. avatar says

    A very promising kickoff for the San Diego Free Press. Frank and Patty should be congratulated for setting the whole thing up and for their hospitality. Very impressive turnout of talented people.

  2. avatarAnnie says

    Quite right! Anna Daniels and Doug Porter worked with Patty and Frank to set up the perfect event. A big THANK YOU to you all!

  3. avatar says

    This was a wonderful meeting – the talent, wisdom and writing abilities of the folks who attended is awesome! Papa Doug! On guarde! (French for ‘on guard’).

  4. avatar says

    Was great to meet so many people and excited for the future of the SDFP. Thanks to Patty & Frank for the hospitality, Anna & Doug for organizing, and Annie for sharing the photos.

  5. avatar says

    What an amazing group of people! The energy in this old house yesterday was fantastic (even with the almost 100° heat). Many, many thanks to all who came. Annie, you did a wonderful job of capturing it.

    All of the people involved in putting this together have been anticipating it for weeks and it was truly gratifying to see all these folks together in one place!