Why Statewide Regulations Are Needed for the Ban on Plastic Bags

*Editor’s note: While written from the point of view of the city of Santa Cruz, this article presents a good argument for a ban on plastic bags at a state level — something we are moving closer toward with AB 298.


OK — banning plastic bags has reached the “copy me, copy you” stage.

It probably just seems that everywhere a shopper turns these days, it’s “Do you have your own bag?” — or “that will be a dime for a paper bag.”

The city of Santa Cruz, usually at the forefront of environmental causes, became the latest, but probably not the last, local government to ban single-use plastic bags, with the 6-0 vote by the City Council Tuesday night. The ban will take effect in nine months.

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For a progress update at a local level, check out Statewide Plastic Bag Ban in Works | NBC 7 San Diego.