Field of View: What Happens In Vegas

Welp,  I messed up. I forgot my fancy camera on a recent trip to Vegas over Labor Day weekend. It’s probably a blessing — nobody’s going to invite “the chick with the enormous camera” back to Sin City. Too risky. Plus, the clubs get so crowded there was barely room for me most of the time.

At nearly 30, this was my first trip to Vegas. Shocking, I know, as most Americans consider a trip there a rite of passage. The city is a series of contradictions: Glitz and glam contrasted by your average, everyday people. It was shiny, smokey and “trinkety,” if you will. Only these trinkets are utterly enormous — with the expansive casinos, Eiffel Tower, giant globe and intermittent Bellagio Fountain water shows, just to name a few.

There’s still so much more to be seen, which is perfect because it leaves an option for a “next time.”

All photos by Annie Lane.

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Annie Lane

Annie Lane

“If you don't feel it, flee from it. Go where you are celebrated, not merely tolerated.” - Paul F. Davis
Annie Lane


  1. avatarGoatskull says

    I generally only go to Vegas for various music festivals like Punk Rock Bowling, Viva Las Vegas (rockabilly), Las Vegas Shakedown and others. Also I have a friend that lives there. I generally don’t go there just to go there. I honestly prefer the Freemont Street area over the “Strip”. You still get that old school cheesy/kitschy vibe with cheap $8.99 prime rib dinners. My two favorite bars (total locals hangouts) are The Double Down Saloon It’s a total punk rock dive with live bands, un PC rowdy but friendly crowd, and a killer juke box and I love it. The other is Frankie’s Tiki Room. Same owner as the Double Down. It’s a old fashioned tiki bar also with a great juke box (if you like surf music and lounge).

  2. avatarJack says

    I have been to Vegas twice; once for my son’s travel baseball tournament and once for an academic conference several years ago. Each time I spent little time on the town…it just freaks me out too much. But I have two memorable images. The first was while walking across a foot bridge from a parking lot to one of the casinos. At intervals there were these supporting columns which formed sort of alcoves. Seated on the floor of the bridge with her back to one of the columns was a middle-aged Asian woman holding herself and weeping. As we passed by her, I went to point her out to one my companions, but as we turned around to look at her, two very burly men in suits had lifted her up and were escorting her away. The second occurred a few minutes later as we crossed the gaming floor. At one of the crap tables was a man preparing to throw the dice…he was leaning out of his motorized wheelchair, the cannuals from the tubes of his oxygen tank hung around his neck, ostensibly to keep the cigarette hanging from his mouth from igniting, as he held a cocktail in his free hand. Like I said, Vegas freaks me out too much…..glad to have you back safe Annie