Making Peace by Learning the Skills to Practice Nonviolence

Alternatives to Violence (AVP) Workshops
Basic Workshop: Sept 29th- October 1st
Advanced Workshop: October 26th -28th
Om Center for Spiritual Living
7484 University Avenue, Suite 210, La Mesa
Cost: Donation
Additional information below

As a teacher, vice-principal and school principal I more often than not had to sit with students of all ages, kindergarten to senior high, to help them get along with each other, to make peace.

I loved that aspect of my work, the nitty gritty of it, the getting to the bottom of why they felt they had to hit back or resort to name calling and ridiculing. I’d often ask them to think of what they could have done differently if the same troublesome situation that got them in each other’s face happened again.

It’s essential training since we live in a very violent society, one wherein: children kill children; children are abused in their homes; husbands batter wives and vice versa; metal detectors are used in our schools.

Our prisons are bursting at the seams, spawning more violence, sending those released back into the streets angrier than before, fearful of a world that’s left them behind hopeless and jobless, and clueless as to how to better the situation they’re in.  And we do very little as a society to counter the negative influences inherent in such a violent society as ours.

But the Om Center for Spiritual Living does offer our community help in making peace and later this month and at the end of next month they are offering, along with the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), two weekend workshops designed for participants to learn the skills to practice nonviolence in their everyday life, to become an agent of change in their world. The workshops are described below.

Basic AVP Workshop: September 29th – October 1st
Participants learn and practice nonviolence conflict resolution skills including communication, self-acceptance, and community building using self-discovery and group exercises. All activities are experiential, educational and fun.
September 29th, Saturday, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
September 30th, Sunday,   1 PM – 6:30 PM
October 1st, Monday,     6 PM – 9:30 PM

Advanced AVP Workshop: October 26th – 28th
The workshop addresses a specific topic related to conflict and selected by workshop participants. For example: fear, anger, power and powerlessness, forgiveness, white privilege.
Requirements: AVP Basic Workshop.
October 26th, Friday,     6PM – 9:30 PM
October 27th, Saturday, 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
October 28th, Sunday,    1 PM – 6:30 PM

Saturday workshops include a ½ hour lunch break – bring your own sack lunch.
For information and to register: Carroll Boone, 619-697-3223,  Sign up. Learn a few things. Have fun. Peace.


Ernie McCray

I was raised in a loving and alive home, in a black neighborhood filled with colorful characters in Tucson, Arizona. Such an environment gave me a hint that life has to be grabbed by the tail as tight as a pimple on a mosquito's butt. With no BS and a whole lot of love. So, from those days to now I get up every morning set on making the world a better place. On my good foot*, and I hope my writing reflects that. *an old black expression

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  1. avatarkathy smith says

    I’ve been doing this non-violent facilitation work for awhile, mostly within the State Prison system. These 22 hour program really works wonders.

    I am happy that we are offering this workshop in a community location. It is by donation only. Our affiliate chapter in San Diego is called Hands of Peace, Alternatives to Violence Project. Our movement has Quaker origins, as well as a credit to the incarcerated men who were originally at Attica State Prison at the time of the crisis there in the mid 70s. These original men were relocated to GreenHaven prison in New York where they worked with a Quaker chaplain to bring in youth enmeshed in a violent world of the streets. They and other influcntial people such as Rev Bernard Lafayette from Martin Luther King’s movement out of Atlanta, helped to shape our movement.

    • avatarGoatskull says

      Some recently returned vets from Afghanistan that I know could sure use this, especially this one kid (about 22 years old) who said the only thing the helps him sleep at night is the thought of inflicting violence on the people he hates, which is a lot, including people back here at home who disagree with his stance on the war in general. I hope he one day achieves the inner peace that will ultimately help him get through the rest of his life.

      • avatarAnna Daniels says

        Goatskull- your comment reminded me of a very good book I read called “The Things They Carry” by Tim O’Brien. It is a meditation of sorts about war and peace and the redemptive quality of storytelling. I think of these young people you describe returning home and can only surmise at the things they carry, and wonder if they will ever be able to lay that burden down.

        • avatarGoatskull says

          I am somewhat familiar with that book but never read it. Perhaps it should be on my agenda.. Thank you for mentioning it.

  2. avatarCarroll Boone says

    Now is the time! It is not too late! We have 5 open spaces! May Peace Prevail in your Hearts, your Homes, our Communities, and the World! Courageous Carroll