Field of View: Glass Blowing at Spanish Village

It’s difficult to stroll through Balboa Park’s Spanish Village without imagining what a life spent exploring your  inner artistic child would be like. This trip I decided to focus (mostly) on Hand Blown Glass by Andy Cohn & Partners over at Studio 19, where Kevin Baker created a vase I ended up taking home. On the way out, I got to witness some miniature feather painting nearby.

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Annie Lane

Annie Lane

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Annie Lane


  1. avatarNadin says

    Hey kid, you should try some black and white. Especially in things like this, and use your filters if you got them, or the software ones.

    • avatarAndy Cohen says

      Ummmmm……..wouldn’t black and white have entirely defeated the purpose of these particular photos? Kind of tough to see the spectacular colors of the glass if you use black and white…….just sayin’……

  2. avatarNadin says

    That is where playing with light can make a black and white photograph spectacular as well.

    Some of the best photography done these days are actually still black and white. I shoot black and white as well as color. Modern cameras, DLSRs you can do both in one session.

    • avatarAnnie Lane says

      I agree with Andy in this particular case, but took your advice regarding the black and white images for my Field of View featuring the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

      Thanks for the suggestion! It was fun.

  3. avatar says

    A friend just pointed me to your article – thanks, and well done! Photographing glass blowing can be a real challenge because of the huge dynamic range of the subject. Your exposures seem perfectly balanced and you really captured the whole process. Color is a big part of my work, so black-and-white pics may not have done it justice…

    • avatarAnnie Lane says

      Thanks, Kevin! I really appreciate your feedback, and look forward to observing more glass blowing sessions in the future. That beautiful vase you made is the first one out and the last one to be put away. Thanks again!