The Power Was Overwhelming

A new young couple moved into our neighborhood two years ago and over that time I have had conversations with them; worked with Heather and taught her to make jam; called on Mark to help with a few heavy things that needed to be done around the house; fed their dog treats when Buddy and I take walks together. I was thrilled when she called me and asked if I would like to go the “Women for Filner” fundraiser at the University Club on Wednesday,  October 17th.  Although there was a $100 donation, (which I could not make)  I am not sure how Heather worked it so that I could attend, but attend I did, and had a great evening.

The power in that room was overwhelming. So many of the “big guns (gunnettes?) of the San Diego female world were in attendance:

Congresswoman Susan Davis, Senator Christine Kehoe, , Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins, Assemblymember Mary Salas,  Port Commissioner Ann Moore, Port Commissioner Lee Burdick, School Board Member Shelia Jackson, Community College Board Member Maria Nieto Senour, Honorable Evonne Schulze, Honorable Shirley Weber, Honorable Donna Frye , Susan Atkins, Livia Borak, Barbara Bry, Mary Buckheit, Francine Busby, Candace Carroll, Nancy Cassady, Norma Cazares, Norma Damashek, Malinda Dickinson, Barbara Filner, Chris Frahm, Lucy Goldman, Lorena Gonzalez, Nancy Haley, Gloria Johnson, Meg Mandy, Micah Mitrosky, Pamela Morgan, Olivia Puentes-Reynolds, Heather Rosin, Mary Stockton, Nikki Symmington, Diane Takvorian, Susan Tinsky, Adrienne Vargas, Anne Wilson, Roz Winstead and this is only a partial listing.

I would think that any man in that room must have felt that he had died and gone to heaven. He would also feel very intimidated by the testosterone in that room. The “old boy’s network” would not have had a chance. Filner hit on so many issues that pertain to  his plan when elected:  women’s rights; civil rights; homelessness; the environment; bringing back the cultural values of San Diegans; the needed equality of the gay rights.   He talked about DeMaio’s stand on “reform” –( which he said actually stands for “Real Estate for Manchester” )which would not be helping the citizens of San Diego at all; rather helping Manchester and his ilk.  The women in the audience were so knowledgeable about the workings of the City Council; the Port District, etc.  that intelligence almost oozed out of their pores.  They, and Filner, talked about the “deep pockets” behind DeMaio,  and how it is the “little guy” that is sending donations to the San Diego Democratic Party.

I found Filner to be personable and truly interested in what his constituents had to say. I reminded him that we had worked together on some projects when I was a principal in San Ysidro; someone asked me if I wanted a Filner sign in my back yard when someone else said that I was the first one to have a sign in the area. He asked where I lived and you could see him mentally filing away the information.  He had different questions for different folks; and seemed to bring the information back into conversations.

I spent a few minutes talking to Donna Frye; how I miss her in our city government.  I also spent a few minutes with Susan Davis; and every one that I did speak with was gracious and excited about the election. If I ever had any doubt as to whom to vote for – I didn’t – my full support goes to the next mayor of San Diego – Bob Filner.


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