Videos: Mitt Romney Debates Himself

As of Saturday afternoon, this video of Mitt Romney debating himself has gotten nearly 1.9 million views on YouTube. Thanks to Jed Lewison and Daily Kos for the comments and the transcript.

The one thing that unites all these clips is that Romney appears equally passionate about his convictions in all of them. The problem is that he’s saying the exact opposite things. Apparently, the only thing he really cares about is getting what he wants, and he’ll say whatever he thinks it will take to get it. And with his track record of dishonesty, voters shouldn’t believe a word of it.


Mitt Romney, 10/3/12: I will not reduce the taxes paid by high income Americans.

Mitt Romney, 2/22/12: There were so many misrepresentations in there it’s going to take me a little while. Number one, I said today that we’re going to cut taxes on everyone across the country by twenty percent—including the top one percent.

Mitt Romney, 10/3/12: The key to great schools? Great teachers. So I reject the idea that I don’t believe in great teachers or more teachers.

Mitt Romney, 6/8/12: He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government.

Mitt Romney, 10/3/12: Actually, it’s a lengthy description, but number one, pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan.

Mitt Romney, 3/27/12: If they’re 45 years old and they show up and they say I want insurance because I’ve got heart disease, it’s like: “Hey guys, we can’t play the game like that.” You’ve got to get insurance when you’re well, and then if you get ill, then you’re going to be covered.

By Popular Demand!  Part Two