The US Has Averaged More Than 18 Gun Deaths Every Day Since the Newtown School Shooting

By Laura Gottesdiener / Alternet

There have been more than 400 guns deaths since the Newtown massacre on December 14, according to a new interactive project between and the anonymous twitter user @gundeaths.

The two launched the project because, as Slate writes, there are few real-time chronicles of daily gun deaths in the United States, despite the daily mention of firearms and gun politics in the media since the shooting. In fact, the onslaught of reporting on guns has been so intense, The Huffington Post published an article [Thursday] with the headline “So You’re Bored of the Newtown Massacre?”

Gun deaths have been a daily reality since the Newtown massacre less than three weeks ago, with an average of 18 people dying each day as a result of a fatal shooting, according to the data compiled by @gundeaths. Six of those deaths have been children under the age of 13, and another 21 were youths under the age of 17.

The vast majority of people who have died as a result of gun violence since Newtown were men. Out of the 406 fatal shootings in @gundeaths compilation, only 49 of the victims were women. For teenagers, the gender gap is even starker: 19 boys and only 2 girls have died of gun-related violence since Newtown.

The anonymous twitter user @gundeaths began reporting every instance of a fatal shooting he could find after the Aurora, Colorado, mass shooting on July 20. His data set is incomplete, meaning that the number of gun deaths since Newtown likely exceeds 406.

The Huffington Post recently undertook a similar project, chronicling the first 100 gun deaths since the Sandy Hook massacre. According to their count, the United States surpassed 100 gun deaths on December 21, exactly one week after Newtown.

Other nations have experienced similar mass shootings in their histories. But nearly all have passed considerable gun safety legislation in the wake of their tragedies, which has dramatically reduced the number of future gun-related deaths.

The United States leads the world in having the most number of guns per person.


  1. avatarmatt smith says

    Terrible that the number is still that high, but a positive sign to see the number dropping below the average of 30 a day prior. People getting guns and arming themselves has reduced the number.

  2. avataralan says

    Its a shame yes.
    but how many were criminal homicides vs self defense or police shootings?
    how many were accidents, how many were suicides(the leading cause of firearm deaths)
    how many were the result of criminal vs criminal activity?
    how many of the 19 male teenagers were gang vs gang violence?

    what is the rate of firearm deaths to other, more common causes of death?
    how many died from automobile accidents?
    how many children died from drownings?

    Yes, any time an innocent loses their life, it is a tragedy. But without qualifiers , this story serves as nothing more than an emotional appeal.

    • avatarveggiedude says

      “how many were suicides (the leading cause of firearm deaths)”

      This is why Israel does not allow soldiers to have guns at home.

      Sensible gun control.

  3. avatarRopingdown says

    All sense of proportion has been lost by the relentless drum-beat of the press and left politicians. Three people were killed in Switzerland this week. On a per capita basis this was a bigger loss than Newtown, and Newtown, aside from involving white children, is nothing compared to Chicago week-in-and-week-out. We in the US are not at all unique in the western world in our rate of odd and tragic but rare (in a nation of 300+ million) Vidoe/Media events, which all that makes a “mass” killing of 28 people different from a “massed every month” killing of 25 in Chicago (or in sum across several other cities). The urban left elites fearful of their own violent minorities and ill with a phobia of suburban and rural gun owners, feels threatened. They know that another economic shock is not that improbable. They want the guns limited before they face an even worse-off electorate, both black inner city and white rural. That is no surprise. They should certainly not get their way.

    • avatarAnna Daniels says

      Ropingdown- for starters, you don’t have your facts straight on gun deaths per capita. In the US we have 10.2 gun deaths/100,000 compared to 3.84/100,00 in Switzerland.
      Nice try projecting rural/white racial anxieties upon the right’s dog whistle of “urban left elites.”
      The American public supports background checks, banning semi-automatics, banning high capacity magazines, no guns for felons and mentally ill, and required gun registration. That’s a pretty good start.

      • avatar says

        Anna, of those 10.2 gun deaths per 100,000, 3.7 are homicides, 6.1 are suicides and .2 are accidents. For Switzerland only .52 are homicides and 3.15 are suicides. .1 are accidents. There are 30,000 firearm related deaths in the US every year, most of them suicides.

  4. avatarrick ford says

    We all know that our law ennforcement officers can solve crimes much more easily than they can prevent t hem. We must be allowed to have firearms for self protection. The criminal must know that they may be facing an armed citizen whe they think about entering a home to comitt a crime.

  5. avatargentry77551911 says

    i think we should just get the whole background strict enough to where felons cant even own a weapon