Deal Reached: Filner’s Likely Finished, Details To Be Announced Friday

startinglinelogoBy Doug Porter

Eds: Note this story was posted at 7:45pm Weds.   Updated at 6 & 8am Thurs.

Following three days of negotiations held in San Diego’s Federal Building, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith informed the media Wednesday evening just before 7pm that a proposed settlement has been reached.

Monday morning started with a mediation session including Filner, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, lawyer Gloria Allred, City Council President Todd Gloria,  and Councilman Kevin Faulconer.  The gathering was presided over by J. Lawrence Irving, a former federal judge who is highly sought after as a mediator.

On Tuesday, Allred did not attend, but stayed in touch by phone.  Despite numerous attempts by reporters to glean information about what was going on, all the parties appeared to abide by Irving’s edict forbidding them from commenting.  NBC7 did get somebody to tell them that Goldsmith and Filner were sitting at opposite ends of the table.

On Wednesday negotiations did not start until mid afternoon.  Goldsmith, accompanied by Filner’s legal team, City Council President Todd Gloria and Councilman Kevin Faulconer spoke to the press. Other than the fact that Mr. Irving donated his services as a mediator, according the Goldsmith, details are few and far between at this time.

Details of the proposed settlement will be revealed to a special closed session of the City Council on Friday afternoon at 1pm.  Following that meeting Goldsmith indicated the results would be announced at a public session. Until that time all parties have agreed not to disclose details.

Unless something radical takes place in the next day or so, I believe this means Bob Filner’s days as Mayor are over. A report in Thursday morning’s Los Angeles Times says Filner cleaned out his office Wednesday afternoon. Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and the Mayor’s ex-fiance, Brownwyn Ingram, are holding a press conference in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon.

The resignation means that City Council President Todd Gloria will take over many of the day-to-day and ceremonial functions of the Mayor’s office.  There will be a primary; followed by a run-off should no candidate nail down more that 50% of the vote.

Names frequently mentioned as being potential candidates for the top job include Democrats Nathan Fletcher, Todd Gloria, Christine Kehoe and Toni Atkins, along with Republicans Kevin Faulconer and Carl DeMaio.

How the Narrative Developed

San_Diego_Mayor-001The current incarnation of the movement to get Filner out of office began back in June, when press aide Irene McCormack along with Allen Jones confronted the mayor about his treatment of people at a meeting. (An earlier version of this story incorrectly named Vince Hall as being at the center of this confrontation.)

Jones and McCormack (who still works for the city in a different position) ended up leaving the mayor’s team.

Three weeks later, former city councilwoman Donna Frye, along with attorneys Marco Gonzalez and Cory Briggs called upon the mayor to resign, citing numerous instances of sexual harassment.

For the former city councilwoman (and past mayoral candidate), the stories about Filner’s harassment were just the icing on the cake.  Having endorsed the Mayor and worked in his office for a few months, she reportedly felt used.

My sources say her ideas for creating a more open government stopped at the edge of chief of staff Vince Hall’s desk, and the general atmosphere on the eleventh floor became increasingly toxic. Like any good soldier, she’d kept her mouth shut upon leaving in April, but the stories of Filner’s harassment just made her see red. And Donna Frye is not somebody you want to piss off.

Filner apologized in a general sense for any inappropriate behavior after that first press conference, via DVD distributed to the media, saying “I have reached into my heart and soul and realize I must and will change my behavior.”  He failed to take seriously the threats of further actions voiced at the press conference.

The mayor refused to resign. And then celebrity attorney Gloria Allred entered the picture, introducing Irene McCormack as the plaintiff in a lawsuit to be filed charging sexual harassment.  The press conference was heard and seen round the world, and the mayor’s bad behavior soon mushroomed into a national scandal.

More witnesses came forward, a steady stream of woe and anguish painting San Diego’s first Democratic mayor in a generation as a masher at best and a sexual predator at worst.

The initial testimonies were handled through KBPS, the NPR outlet in town with much higher credibility than the much discredited UT-San Diego.  The fact that Mark Sauer, KPBS senior news editor was at one time staff for Donna Frye, who vetted the initial candidates, was probably just a coincidence.

Soon it became obvious that a DVD based explanation would no longer suffice.  Then came the infamous press conference.  Mayor Filner emerged to make an announcement to a room packed with reporters only to have his microphone die just as he was getting to whatever it was important that he was supposed to say.

Five minutes of dead air time later, he returned to inform the press of his intention to take a two week break for counseling.  That pronouncement just further inflamed the media frenzy, opening the flood gates for lots of opinions regarding the effectiveness of counseling and rehab programs. The answer as to whether this sort of treatment could help with behavioral problems, of course, was a unanimous “no”.

To add insult to injury, the mayor reportedly returned from this counseling a week early.  Word spread like wildfire after a report surfaced about locks being changed at city hall, with CNN and other supposedly reliable outlets trumpeting the story that Filner was now “locked out”.

Someday we’ll learn the truth about what was going on there. I place some stock in the tip passed along to myself and other reporters that a listening device was discovered on the 11th floor of city hall. That would easily explain why people were changing locks in a hurry.

By the time it was over, 17 women had come forward with stories about Filner-as-a-lecher. The last victim told the press about a breast grabbing incident from 25 years ago.

Meanwhile, there were other allegations. A long simmering story about wheeling and dealing with a local land developer (with a reputation for breaking the rules) turned into a potential federal investigation.

The city’s good credit was reportedly on the line over a dispute regarding charges made to the mayoral credit card. (The bill was paid, the portions in dispute were reimbursed by the mayor and the card was cancelled to prevent any future misunderstandings or, as the case might be, abuse.)

With each allegation the frenzy grew.  Reporters no longer even pretended to be observers.  Stories all carried the assumption of guilt, of the man in the job as an evil-doer, as in “How could you even work for the man?”   Everybody knew, right?

A columnist in the daily fishwrap called for Filner’s chief of staff and legal counsel to resign, using the argument that some day they’d want to be able to look their children in the eye and say they did the right thing.

There were not one, not two, but three stories about city officials that started with the (stated or unstated) premise of “How could you?” The city’s Planning Director, the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief of Police all politely turned the question into a discussion of the positive things they wanted to do in public service.

The Recall Movement

San_Diego_Mayor-002From the day Bob Filner was elected Mayor of San Diego, there have been political operatives actively laying the ground for a recall.  A website for that purpose was even registered last January.  Former Mayor Jerry Sanders’ press aide predicted there would be a recall –and was quoted in the paper the day after the election.

It didn’t take long for a slew of negative stories in the daily newspaper combined with near weekly editorials denouncing the mayor’s actions. These were enhanced later on by a steady stream of leaks coming from the City Attorney’s office.

But none of that was necessary. As it turned out the mayor’s own behavior was all that was required. Let’s make no mistake about it; the man’s actions were—even discounting the media panic—despicable.

Over the past few weeks the recall movement coalesced around GOP activist Michael Pallamary.  Although ‘official type’ Republicans were unwilling to commit financial resources to a recall, mostly because San Diego law on the subject is so poorly worded that most observers felt that legal challenges could undo or delay any effort, they have been urging the party faithful to sign on.

Democrats in San Diego were divided on this issue.  The party’s leadership initially voted to stay out of the matter, and switched over to a pro-resignation stance as the press conferences rolled on.  Some activists were volunteering with the recall effort; others avoided it like the plague.

A pro-recall rally on August 18th proved validity of the concerns many had about working on a recall. Petitions were passed around calling for the repeal of Obamacare, removal of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and impeachment of President Barack. Obama. For a city with a 40% minority population, the crowd at the recall rally was almost lilly white.

Organized labor stayed quiet on the issue, not venturing beyond an early press release calling for patience and due process.  This stance seemingly outraged the core organizers of the recall movement, with the editorial page of the daily fishwrap featuring a daily box score on how much time had passed without labor’s condemnation.

Carl DeMaio, who lost to Bob Filner in last fall’s elections, held a press conference urging the media and the public to condemn any elected officials or public figures who refused to sign and support the recall petition.  Local activists recalled, as DeMaio denounced non-recall participants by saying they were complicit in Filner’s crimes, the openly gay Republican’s refusal to condemn those promoting Proposition 8, which banned same sex marriage in California.

The former city councilman, who vowed to make San Diego the “Wisconsin of the West” last year, would have been the odds on favorite to win any election following a successful recall campaign, since the candidate with the most votes would triumph in what most certainly would be a multi-candidate race.

With the resignation of Mayor Filner, DeMaio is more likely to stick to his plans to oppose Democrat Scott Peters in the 52nd congressional district.

Defenders of the Mayor

San_Diego_Mayor-004Defenders of the Mayor’s tenure were few and far between. Defending the indefensible took a big leap of faith and a belief that the progressive promises of the Filner administration overshadowed his very human failings.

Just how strange this situation can best be illustrated via UT-San Diego ‘libertarian’ editorial writer Chris Reed’s post at where he compliments a Trotskyist group:

 In a tightly written broadside, the website of the Socialist Workers’ Party tears into union leaders who tolerate Filner, the sociopath and misogynist.

 There were pro-Filner rallies, led by former civil rights leaders and activists hailing from the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.  Calling out for “due process” and strongly suggesting that the forces against the mayor were driven by the city’s economic elites, these events were subject to ridicule in the local news media, if not in the way reporters spun the stories, then in the comments associated with them.

story of the ‘just sayin’ variety in the daily newspaper all but invited readers to bash supporters for daring to sing “We Shall Overcome” in public, ignorant, I suppose, of the historic role of the anthem in offering comfort for those in the Civil Rights movement facing seemingly impossible odds.  I’d say that standing up to the “everybody knows” crowd in San Diego was a courageous act, regardless of the mayor’s guilt or lack thereof.

It was open season for the smuggest of the smug.  Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski posted a video mashup of the pro Filner rally, walking very closely to the line of being racist. The daily fishwrap posted their own video parody using Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines to portray, according to the LA Times:

…a hip-thrusting Filner character, made by superimposing the mayor’s head on another man’s body, pursuing three young women in skirts and high heels. The U-T news staffers gyrate and spin while rejecting the faux mayor’s advances. The words “RESIGN” and “CREEPER” flash on the screen.

The criticism of Filner by U-T TV has struck some as ironic, since the start-up television operation has been accused by some other journalists in San Diego of using its female hosts as props.

 The crème de la crème of this arrogance came via KGTV 10News, which smeared a press aide to the mayor via pictures taken at a bachelorette party by a GOP operative.  Republican political consultant John Dadian, who of course wasn’t identified by his affiliation, was quoted to lend an air of authenticity to the shaming-in-progress-disguised-as-news. (An earlier version of the story incorrectly said Dadian had worked for Carl DeMaio)

Only Scott Lewis at Voice of San Diego actually explored the basis for why anybody would stand up against such a storm of scorn with hisAugust 20th interview of Bishop George McKinney at St. Stephens Cathedral in southeastern San Diego.

What It All Means

Credit: San Diego Food Bank

Credit: San Diego Food Bank

Filner’s rise and fall in San Diego has highlighted the racial and social-economic divisions with the city, which lie roughly (but not exclusively) north and south of Interstate 8.  Higher than expected voter turnout in minority and economically challenged areas in the southern part of the city played a key role in Filner’s November victory.

The mayor’s resignation is a bitter pill for those folks.  Only once in recent history had they seen a candidate that seemed responsive to their needs; who’d openly promised to take on the economic and political forces that’d neglected basic infrastructure needs in neighborhoods throughout the city even as shiny new public financed structures were built downtown.

And now he is gone. There can be no way of telling whether Bob Filner could or would have delivered on his implied and explicit promises.  Many politicians have won with lots of promises and then failed to deliver. At least with Filner in office they had hope.

They certainly don’t expect the leaders of the dump Filner persuasion (of either party) to offer up future opportunities, beyond minimum wage jobs and reductions in city services. There’s tons of San Diego history proving that point. Perhaps this is where the rumblings of conspiracy are rooted.

Having endured the scorn and ridicule of the First World rulers of the roost for daring to stand up for what they perceived as their only hope, Filner’s supporters in San Diego can only expect more of the same neglect and oppression that’s made this city “America’s Finest Tourist Plantation”.

On This Day: 1902 – In Hartford, CT, President Theodore Roosevelt became the first president of the United States to ride in an automobile.  1906 – The Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, NJ, began to manufacture the Victrola. The hand-cranked unit, with horn cabinet, sold for $200. 1964 – Martha & The Vandellas’ “Dancing In The Streets” was released.

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Doug Porter

Doug Porter was active in the early days of the alternative press in San Diego, contributing to the OB Liberator, the print version of the OB Rag, the San Diego Door, and the San Diego Street Journal. He went on to have a 35 year career in the Hospitality business and decided to go back into raising hell when he retired. He's won awards for 'Daily Reporting and Writing: Opinion/Editorial' from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Doug is a cancer survivor (sans vocal chords) and lives in North Park.
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  1. avatarthoughtfulbear says

    So this is what Mob Rule looks like…blood on all hands involved.

    I would NOT entrust this city to ANY OF THEM. They are VULTURES.

    • avatarCynthia says

      I am afraid I must agree with you. Six months of clean government…they just couldn’t stand it, could they?

    • avatarLaura E. says

      I will not vote for any of the people involved in this mess, Democrat or Republican. And the first progressive who whines about how much the new mayor sucks can go to hell as far I’m concerned. People like Donna Frye brought this on themselves.

      • avatarGoatskull says

        I’ve yet to see a “progressive” say he sucked as far as his governance, but what if he IS actually guilty of the accusations against him? I don’t know matter of factly that he is but IF he is, sexual harassment is not something to be overlooked. So before you go saying all progressives who are against him can “go to hell” you should at least take the time to hear their side of the story and why they feel the way they do.

        • avatarLaura E. says

          I’m mad at progessives because they let the Republicans control and take over the narrative. I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish.

      • avatarGoatskull says

        Also if he does in fact leave office, people like Donna Frye got what they set out to do and are probably not losing a lot of sleep over any anger they caused or negative opinions about them.

  2. avatarMrs. Kramer says

    That’s some excellent writing, Mr. Porter.

    This is the one thing that really bothers me about this whole scenario. You write, “The last victim told the press about a breast grabbing incident from 25 years ago.”

    If Mr. Filner has been a high profile politician who has been doing this kind of stuff for a quarter of a century, surely people in politics have known.

    What suddenly caused these people to grow a moral compass and become outraged for this behavior? Is this really about outrage for sexual harassment? Or have people tolerated this for years when it doesn’t involve them and are now just feigning outrage for ulterior purposes?

    I can’t help but wonder if the people of San Diego have been taken for a ride no matter which way this fiasco turns out.

    • avatarsandiegogramma says

      I agree, Mrs. Kramer, we have been taken on a ride, a bumpy one at that. So many other concerns should have taken up the time and energy of our city leaders! The streets are so full of potholes, the roads littered with drunken drivers, the schools overcrowded, the lack of clean water and air for the present and future…
      Where are our priorities…when will we start thinking about the issues that will sustain us and our planet? Will there soon be hysteria in the streets for these things also??? Somehow, I doubt it.

    • avatarLaura E. says

      Apparently if Bob Filner ever touched any part of a woman’s body, even by accident, it’s sexual harassment. But Doug Manchester can party with girls in bikinis and that’s OK.

      • avatarCatherine says

        This is an easy one, actually. Touching a woman’s body in a professional setting when she has not invited you to do so is harassment, partying with girls in bikinis who are there of their own accord is okay.

      • avatarJustMyView says

        The ruling class in this town needs to see the people’s civil unrest big time over this railroading that robs us of inclusiveness and improved governance in our city.

        There was an ELECTION. This ruling class would not have it and subverted the mayor mostly by the propaganda and smear tactics in their commerical media.

        Resignation had better NOT be part of settlement–that will prove coercion which is already being discussed and seemingly accepted.

        What do you recommend as a response to the blatant lying, the secretive methods, the corrupt city favoritism toward corporations/business at the expense of communities and taxpaying citizens?

        How does the silent majority get heard?


        • avatarDoug Porter says

          Attn: JustMyView

          Your suggestion of “civil unrest” is not only wrong, it’s just plain dumb.
          I hope like hell nobody else has the urge to go get beat up by the cops over this. And if you insist on this line of reasoning, we’ll invoke the “it’s our sandbox rule” (see terms of use!) and make your comments go bye-bye.

          I’m only leaving this message for you to make sure nobody else gets any not smart ideas.

            • avatarBrent Beltran says

              Or worse: an instigator looking to set up progressives. Anybody calling for a riot in honor of Filner is just plain stupid or a pig.

              • avatarGoatskull says

                “Anybody calling for a riot in honor of Filner is just plain stupid or a pig.”
                No disagreement on that.

                • avatarBagdad says

                  Anybody who thinks this is about Filner (except for what he stands for) is just plain stupid or a pig.

                  He stole from the rich and gave to the poor. That’s what this is about!

                  The downtown tax district! Pow!

                  The riot would be for disrespecting the voter who has spoken.

              • avatarbob dorn says

                We all recognize that the pigs have the guns. We all, as well, are living on the plantation, aren’t we?

                • avatarRon says

                  Well, yes, but don’t forget that the pigs aren’t the only ones with guns. The populace has guns too, but we’re trained by the powers-that-be that we’re uncivilized if we refer to them in any claim to our own humanity.

          • avatarRon says

            “Civil unrest,” which could take many forms, is perhaps not a smart idea. Perhaps we could “vote” again for another candidate who can be ousted by the powers-that-be when it behooves them.

            It doesn’t really matter whether JustMyView is a troll or otherwise wrong; the milktoast, frightened reaction to this comment demonstrates how we got to the point where cops beat the crap out of us for fun and the rich make sure “something happens” to candidates who actually help the people.

            Now I’m sure I’ll be banned out of your sandbox in another stellar example of “free speech.”

            • avatarbob dorn says

              I don’t think you need to worry about being banned here. San Diego’s elected and unelected elites would have you in a correctional program before that.

              • avatarRon says

                Yes, but let’s not fall prey to the elites by adhering to notions of left and right and other illusions in America. There simply is no longer any real left or right in America. There are those who are “bought” and those who have “not yet been bought” by the bankers and the other thugs who run this country. The notions of “left” and “right” are the great shell game that gets played in this businessman’s paradise that we call a country nowadays. It keeps otherwise perceptive people occupied with the labels given to us by our corporate masters. Of course, they are our masters only because we have forgotten our roots in this country.

                This country was begun by people who questioned authority. I know that many of the readers will point to the crimes of the “founding fathers:” and point out that they owned slaves, etc. All of that is true, but those folks were still people who stared the devil in the eye and said “blow me.” Of course, “blow me” is a coarse and unenlightened way to put it, but sometimes the raw energy of a phrase is what we need. Even the “left” lacks this energy nowadays, leading me to believe that there is no “left” anymore.

                So what? So . . . get ready for a real shit-storm as the elites in San Diego and elsewhere get ready to send you off to some camp somewhere. Filner and others will be there too because everyone was too polite to raise enough of a fuss to stop the elites from enslaving us even more.

                • avatarJustMyView says

                  It is that “too polite” affliction, exactly Ron, that a rush of the mass population needs to correct with civil unrest on a routine basis from this point forward, until the tide begins to turn.

                  Mayor Filner just made his address to City Council and was viewable here live:

                  I tried, really hard to stay tuned and listen afteward, but Goldsmith’s narrowed eyes attempting to emphasize his sincerity immediately afterward as he prepared to describe the settlement, was unbearable. That stupid, cheap, line he used “I’m going to explain the legal ?, cause you know that’s sort of what I do for a living. . .” or some idiotic foreward, was all I could tolerate. Since a rotten tomato didn’t land on his face during those few minutes, I logged off.

  3. avatarBagdad says

    How do you strike a deal and/or have meeting of the minds with a gun to your head? This all seems very questionable. I will not vote for anyone involved in this no matter the party.

    • avatarJEC says

      It may be just that – and it’s the right wing that may do it to Goldsmith. He needs to go to give the replacement credibility – they may be puppet masters they just can’t let you see the strings. Goldsmith is the string that connects. Seeing him will remind people of this whole sordid affair.

  4. avatarBagdad says

    How do you strike a deal and/or have meeting of the minds with a gun to your head?

    This all seems very questionable.

    I will not vote for anyone remotely involved in this no matter the party.

    I did not vote for Filner the first time, however, I will write him in if there is a special election.

    • avatarJustMyView says

      A HUGE public showing needs to be made downtown this Friday at 1 pm (get there by noon) to bear witness and to be heard by the ruling class and their puppets sitting up on that Council platform and heading those city offices.

      Wear black that could be removed in the event that resignation is NOT part of the settlement—I choose to hope.

      It’s up to us to stop the giveaway and support individuals and groups that do so.

      Lucky guy that chalked up the PUBLIC sidewalk at Bank of America, that his trial was held during Mayor Filner’s term. BRING CHALK ON FRIDAY!

  5. avatarkimbro says

    Where has the self-righteous DNC been all these years? Why now? Why didn’t they ask for resignations from others that have allegedly demonstrated equally egregious behavior? Why didn’t they ask for the resignations of Anthony Weiner? Bill Clinton? JFK?

    • avatarAJ says

      Two major differences: The women in the scandals you mention wanted the affection of their admirers. And the men involved were / are markedly more attractive than Filner, effectively eliminating the “ew” factor.

  6. avatarJudith Wesling says

    I don’t know what she will say in the upcoming press conference, but in my view the mayor’s former fiance Bronwyn should retire with dignity and not be a part of this circus.

  7. avatarMark Bauman says

    Seems it’s over – 10 news (yes,yes the *evil* 10 news) is now reporting that Filner’s resignation is part of the deal (no surprise really). So, with a new election looming it’s time to get to work and concentrate on finding a new candidate. I know it’s slim pickings, but we will see what happens in the fullness of time.

  8. avatarRon says

    This all really stinks of people behind the scenes. Filner was pro-dispensary and against those who want Balboa Park as their own private development money pump. I would think Filner’s behavior (to the extent that the stories are not blown out of all proportion) must have been known to many for many years. Why all of a sudden did this torrent against him arise? Think . . . .

  9. avatarthoughtfulbear says

    I wouldn’t believe a d*** thing the Hang ‘Em High Channel bleats out (on this subject or any other). When are these folks – and I mean ALL of them – due up before the FCC again for licence renewal?

    How exactly did they serve “the public good”? NOT.

  10. avatar says

    Take a look at Readerwriter Matt Potter’s story today about assistant director of ABC Channel 10 news, Sean Kennedy, who was guilty of sexual harassment toward black women over there and is STILL working as assistant director of ABC Channel 10 news.
    ABC Channel 10 has been one of the pillars of the Get Filner media.

    The ubiquity of sexual harassment in our society and the various ways it is dealt with — ranging from driving someone from elected office to slap-on-the-wrist settlements to firing perpetrators — is worth noting.

    For the record and lest we forget, I will never forgive Donna Frye for her perfidious part in this terrible shaming of a good mayor and her co-conspirators lawyer Marco
    Gonzalez or lawyer Cory Briggs. Any good they have ever done has been eclipsed by their roles in canceling out the votes of so many hopeful people in this city.

  11. avatarJudith Wesling says

    I hope Donna Frye reads this site, so she knows what we think of her press conferences and participation in this. I don’t know the other two, and could care less about them. It has been disgusting to watch the glee with which men and media have amped up this topic. And how interesting it is to watch Gloria Allred now struggling to manage the “deal” to her own financial benefit. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, EVERY DAY AND EVERY WAY.

  12. avatarMrs. Kramer says

    This is very sad to watch playout. I certainly don’t want a lecherous old man for a mayor. But I also don’t want people controlling this city who knew sexual harassment was occurring and stayed quiet about it for many years until it was to their political advantage to expose it.

    I don’t find their personal codes of ethics to be any higher than that of Mr. Filner’s. I don’t think they really give a hoot about the issue of sexual harassment – other than as a vehicle to outrage the masses.

    I hope Mr. Filner follows through with his tell-all book of the dirty politics from here to DC in the Dem party. Something tells me he won’t and that this is part of the unspoken settlement negotiations as he garners tax dollars to pay for Ms. Aldred’s role in the debacle.

    Perhaps the taxpayers shoud be suing those who knew this was occurring for many years and were willfully blind until it became to their political advantage to see.

    • avatarJustMyView says

      Mrs. Kramer: “I don’t find their personal codes of ethics to be any higher than that of Mr. Filner’s. I don’t think they really give a hoot about the issue of sexual harassment – other than as a vehicle to outrage the masses.”

      That their code is 100% self-serving, that they use their official capacities for keeping the silent majority trampled underfoot by their corporate masters: This tells us that their personal codes of ethics are criminal compared to Mr. Filner’s.