All Major Mayoral Candidates to Appear at KNSJ / Cal Western Law School Forum

knsjSan Diego Free Press reporter Andy Cohen is slated to be among the panelists on Monday, November 11th at a mayoral forum slated for the Cal Western School of Law starting at 6:30pm.

Sponsored in part by listener sponsored progressive radio station KNSJ (89.1FM), the panelist will also include other members of the local non-mainstream press including San Diego City Beat, La Prensa and Voice of San Diego.

From the KNSJ media advisory:

KNSJ will field one question based off the results of a social media poll, along with setting time aside time for live audience questions. The forum will be broadcast live with audio on KNSJ 89.1 FM and video at

In celebration of Veteran’s Day the United Veterans Council will help KNSJ, Cal Western and the San Diego REP in honoring and giving tribute to these heroes. 

To get YOUR question answered either attend the debate in person, or watch the live video feed at, as KNSJ will take live questions from audience members and live stream viewers. KNSJ will also ask a question from the results of a social media poll, found by liking KNSJ on Facebook and following them on Twitter. As a non-commercial media outlet KNSJ hopes to bring attention to issues and questions that the larger commercial media outlets often overlook or leave out.


    • avatarDoug Porter says

      For our readers who are not familiar with it, the Monarch school is a unique institution serving the educational needs of San Diego’s homeless children.

      The Monarch School is a private/public foundation in association with the County Office of Education. As such the Mayor of the City of San Diego is not involved in the workings of the institution. A check of their most recent tax returns shows that the only relationship they have with City is indirect via Civic San Diego.

      I’m curious why you are asking this question.

    • avatarunWASHEdWalmaRtthONG says

      Dougie Manchester & Troop 105 just bought about 7 locals rags. Time for the right to ratchet up the propaganda.

  1. avatar says

    The Monarch School is a favorite charity of San Diego’s establishment movers and shakers. It is now located in the former City Housing Authority building near Barrio Logan which was made available to Monarch through Civic San Diego for purchase outright via a gift from major condo developer Nat Bosa and his wife.

    The Monarch School CEO is presently ex-Navy Admiral Ronne Froman who is famous for moving from key job to key job, smoothing the way for favorite projects of our corporate leaders. Froman worked briefly for novice Superintendent Alan Bersin at San Diego City Schools, briefly ran the local Red Cross, worked briefly for novice Mayor Jerry Sanders, worked briefly for the USS Midway aircraft carrier/museum located on the San Diego Harbor. Froman is linked — engaged or married — to Predator drone developer Linden Blue. Most recently Froman was one of the women who publicly complained of sexual harassment from Mayor Bob Filner.

    It’s worth noting that famed Barrio Logan College Institute (which has always struggled for its private funding) lost its lease in gentrifying Barrio Logan across from Perkins Elementary School and had to move as tenant into the Bosa Monarch School at the former Housing Authority address. But BLCI has qualified for competitive grants that have allowed it to expand its operations to the public schools of Chula Vista.