One Woman’s Thoughts on ‘A Day of Honor’

peggy shannonBy Judi Curry

At the risk of alienating a lot of people, I am absolutely incensed by the City Council naming a day after Peggy Shannon for the “harassment suffered by the mayor of San Diego.”  A day in her honor? For what?  What did she do that was so honorable?  Stop a thief? Adopt orphan children; Save people from a burning building? Fund a scholarship for children that can’t afford to go to college?

She is having a “day of honor” so that the city does not have to pay out any money from the harassment of the former mayor?  She is having a “day of honor” because she told the world about the mayor’s flirting with her? She is having a “day of honor” because she “. . . had butterflies in her stomach because she didn’t know what was going to happen the next time the mayor came to her desk”?

Hell, lady. I am also a great-grandmother.  I have been flirted with  – and flirt back – all the time. I am older than you and still enjoy the attention of the opposite sex, be it a few words, a hug, or a kiss.  The complaint that he “kissed her on the lips” certainly is harassment and has no place in the working society of today. Sure, it was “unsolicited” and uncalled for, and the mayor lost his job over it. But my goodness – a day in her honor?

How many other people have been granted “days of honor” for far more severe things then being flirted with by the mayor?  What about all the women that have said they were sexually harassed by members of the San Diego Police Department? Are they going to be given “days of honor” too?  Are there enough days in the year for all these proclamations?

A “Day of Honor” should be reserved for deeds well done; for extraordinary and exemplary actions that are not the usual.  This “Day of Honor” for Ms. Shannon is a sham perpetrated by the desire to not have to pay anything for the mayors dastardly deed.

I am sorry that Ms. Shannon was harassed; I am glad that she reported it; I am sorry that she is viewed as a “victim”; but does she deserve a day of recognition? I, personally, think not.


Judi Curry

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  1. avatar says

    I agree with you, Judi. A lot of people would have been thrilled to be flirted with by the Mayor. How special is that? The question is where is the line that should not be crossed? Obviously, Filner’s perception of it was different from that of a lot of people. I’m not sure that a lot of it done in public wasn’t harmless and perhaps reciprocated to some degree.

    • avatarjudi says

      Thanks, John. When I wrote the article I wondered if I should wear a suit of armor all day. There are so many worthy people that have done truly great things than have never had a “day of honor” named for them. As a “flirter” it really sticks in my craw.

  2. avatarLaura E. says

    I hadn’t heard about this “day of honor,” and I am disgusted. Bob Filner was destroyed (and not just by his own hands), the developers are back in power, why do we have to relive all this?

    Also, don’t get me started about how this woman was always referred to as a “great-grandmother.” Because apparently the ability for successive generations to breed is her sole defining characteristic, and is apparently also supposed to make us feel worse for her. Ooh, your child’s child has a child, and someone was a jerk to you. Someone let me know when the women who were harassed by the SDPD get half the consideration she did.

    • avatarjudi says

      You know, Laura, the Great grandmother aspect of this is really confusing to me. I have four great-grandchildren. I know what caused them and it wasn’t the San Diego Water, although I told my daughters to stop drinking it! I also enjoy flirting and frequently start it myself. I have to question the City Council for this proclamation. At best, it makes me sick to my stomach; at the worst I can physically be sick.

      Filner is gone. He is paying his dues for being a jerk. Drop it! Every broadcast I have heard this morning brings back his sexually harassing women. It’s over. Move on. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the women from the SDPD harassment are offered for appeasement.

  3. avatarAndy Cohen says


    The point about the victims of SDPD officer harassment is an excellent one! One group of “victims” gets placed on a pedestal, while another group of real victims has their integrity questioned, gets spied on to dig up dirt on their lives, and is slut shamed. It’s pretty disgusting.

  4. avatarjudi says

    Andy, I agree. I don’t know why I am so incensed – perhaps you have touched on the reason – but my anger is greater than it has been in years. Be careful who flirts with you – I’d love to see an “Andy Cohen” day!

  5. avatarGeoff Page says


    I just saw the article and came across your piece. Good for you, I agree completely. I also have always had seriuis doubts about this woman’s story. Thanks for speaking up.


  6. avatarLa Playa Heritage says

    “The Mayor targeted and preyed upon Peggy Shannon, a senior citizen who was employed at City Hall to help seniors. Peggy was there to do her job, but Mayor Filner seemed to think that she was there solely for his sexual pleasure and that she was fair game, even though she never gave him any reason to think that she would be interested in something other than a working relationship with him.” —Gloria Allred

    Peggy Shannon has changed her story twice. First the location was in the lobby behind the counter/desk. After no videotaped evidence in the City Hall lobby was found, the location changed to the Civic Center Plaza. At the time the video evidence of the Lobby was missing, Gloria Allred dropped Peggy Shannon as a client. Gloria Allred will also be present at Peggy Shannon Day at 2 pm this afternoon. Link #1 Link #2

    Former Mayor Filner promised to end Veterans and Chronic Homelessness by 2015, and all Homeless by 2020. This would require funding for Affordable Housing by taking the money away from downtown and moving it to the neighborhoods. By reallocation of $908 Million in Successor Agency assets and target Successor Agency Loan Repayments over over 1/2 a Billion. The two Homeless Emergency Shelter Tents will be closed in 35 days due to a lack of leadership. Many women will be victimized by lack of public financial resources, redirected to the rich.

    • avatarjudi says

      I’m lost. What are you saying here? Do you really think that Mr. Filner thought that Shannon was there for his “sexual pleasure.”? Come on. Be realistic. How do you know she never gave him any indication she was interested? Were you there? What the hell does being a senior citizen have to do with it. Many “senior citizens” would be thrilled to have any flirtation from any male, let alone the Mayor of a city.

      What does the end to Veterans and Chronic Homelessness have to do with “Peggy Shannon Day?”

      I know you must have a point – I just don’t know what it is.

  7. avatarLa Playa Heritage says

    Those are Gloria Allred’s and Peggy Shannon’s words.

    I do not believe Gloria Allred and Peggy Shannon.

    The point is thousand of San Diego women will be hurt by the ongoing reallocation of City finances. Nothing changes.

    • avatarjudi says

      Thanks for the explanation. I thought that was what you were getting at but wasn’t sure. The “if only’s” as it regards Filner are numerous, aren’t they. Thanks for your response.

  8. avatarSaneVoice says

    I’m sure that our top-notch City Attorney Jan Goldsmith did his due diligence in investigating all these accusers with the same vigor he did when he hired a PI to follow one of the police force accusers. And if you believe that, then you also think that the ridiculous rug on top of Goldsmith’s head is real.

    • avatarjudi says

      I’m not really sure, but the City Council voted on it. Probably the only time they have been in agreement – ever.

  9. avatarShelley Plumb says

    I had the extreme misfortune to witness the goings on at City Hall today. I went down to support the closure of Casa Beach during the seal pupping season (which won, by the way, 6-3. Thank you, Marti Emerald) Lo and behold, in walks Gloria Allred with Ms. Shannon and the cow-towing began. Jan Goldsmith rushes up to greet them, the city council gave her a standing ovation and one of them commented that they chipped in to buy a bouquet of flowers for her, which was then presented. If it wasn’t so disgusting, it would have been funny. Thank you for posting this, Judi, so I could get the experience off my chest.

    • avatarjudi says

      I knew the presentation was going to be disgusting so I elected not to go. I am sorry you went and sat through it, but I am so glad to get your account of what happened rather than read it in the “Fish Wrap.” Priorities are sure misplaced, in my mind.

    • avatarLaura E. says

      That is just repugnant. What’s next, a public burning of Filner’s effigy? Goldsmith and the city council are nothing more than bullies at this point.

      • avatarjudi says

        Well, Laura, if there is any “burning at the stake” that should be done, I suggest it is the entire City Council, including even those I have supported in the past. (And Goldsmith should be lit on fire and be the “torch” to start the pyre burning.) Enough is enough!

        • avatarLaura E. says

          I think the political powers in San Diego are still scared of Bob Filner. They’re afraid that if they stop blaming him for everything (tourism going down, Balboa Park, etc.) and bringing up his name 6 months after he was railroaded out of office, people will remember that he was the first mayor in generations who actually cared about the average San Diegan. And we can’t have that, because maybe one day someone who shares Filner’s politics could become mayor. That just can’t be allowed to happen, so Filner will forever be the Bogeyman with the Big Nose.

          • avatarjudi says

            I totally agree with you, Laura. People seem to have forgotten the previous Mayor’s and the mess they made. Filner is being treated like a cartoon character. BUT..I was a strong supporter of his, and he let me – and thousands that voted for him – down. I am his age and what he said and did was more acceptable in the dark ages than it is in this “enlightened time.” He’s gone, but not in the eyes of those that are still in power. However, this article is not about Filner, per se. It is the about the stupidity of the City Council and their proclamation. It will be a long time before I vote for any of them again.

  10. avatarPat Brown says

    Judy I agree with some of what you said. Thank you for being the only journalist in San Diego brave enough to be honest. However, I never found Peggy Shannon, Irene McCormack Jackson, Jan Goldsmith, any of Filner’s accusers or Gloria Allred credible. I don’t buy their stories. These allegations were brought to us by the Republican Downtown special interests. And this puppet show has just begun. The City Council is a joke.

    It looks like a sham to me, to try to make all the City’s legitimate victims of police misconduct look bad because they don’t want to pay them. No wonder everyone across the nation is laughing at San Diego’s City Council. How pathetic and stupid!

  11. avatarRobin says

    I never bought Ms. Shannon’s claims for a minute. I believe she took advantage of Bob Filner, and not the other way around. I think he (as many probably realized the minute we laid eyes on her) that she was likely a lonely woman and thought he was doing a good deed by showing some attention to her. I do not believe he ever kissed her, I do not believe he ever intended to date her. I do not believe he made the comment about being able to ‘go for 8 hours’ in the context that she would have us believe. That comment could encompass many scenarios. Honestly, I think he’s a workaholic and probably was referencing working 8 hours straight without a lunch break. I believe Ms. Shannon took complete advantage of the situation with Mr. Filner and was looking for either a payout or attention. Her ‘press conference’ was nauseating to watch. She sat there like the cat who caught the canary, smiling and brimming with pride and on cue, began to whimper about being a ‘survivor.’ I know a hell of a lot of women who are true survivors. With respect to Ms. Shannon, she’s not one of them.

  12. avatarDorothy Lee says

    If you look at Peggy’s FB page, you will quickly understand that she lives in a completely self-centered fantasy world, where sexual contexts are familiar territory for her. Peggy’s twisted adaptation to the reality that many things about her are unappealing is pathetic and not uncommon in the world of psychology. That Allred et al. were willing to use her to destroy someone who was perhaps kind to her in the face of her neediness is utterly disgusting.
    Someday some national journalist is going to examine and write about the entire sequence of events that happened here. SOMETHING REALLY DID HAPPEN HERE, really did happen here, … ugly, unusual, unprecedented, horrible.
    So far, the sparse national attention given to what happened here has failed to uncover even the simplest truths about it.
    This local “day of honor” is yet another ugly aspect, done merely to quiet this sad, pathetic, grossly ungrounded woman, whose complaint in the recent “news” interview that she should get more than a letter of apology is echoed in her FB comments about hoping to get lots of cash.

  13. avatarDorothy Lee says

    Afterthought: Bob Filner could have easily been identified as a “grandfather,” which he is. Narrative characterization is styled to elicit responses, and Filner’s enemies only wanted him to be reviled.

    As for psychology, Filner’s characterization in the media could have included his deep love for his birth-mother, Sarah, extended to older women throughout his life. In his family of strong businessman father and diligent med-school brother, it was his mother who was always supportive of the rash, daring son. She was always there for him at protests and rallies. He would spot her in the crowd and she would make her way to him to give him the food she had prepared for him.

    It’s easy to characterize people by their least attractive physical attributes (bad hair-pieces, big noses), most careless words, and worst personality quirks, but in the end, it’s what people have truthfully accomplished that will out. Bob Filner wins hands down among the crowd of his enemies.

    • avatarjudi says

      An interesting psychological analysis of the situation, Dorothy. You realize that those of us that agree with you would have our own characters assassinated by the Filner naysayers. I wish I had had the opportunity to interview him before all this happened. (I know – I had my picture taken with him twice – but never had the in-depth interview I hoped to get.) We will never know the truth in any of these matters; too much time has passed and new “stories” can be written. However, with that in mind, I tend to agree that things that he said could have been misconstrued by the “listener”. I have been told that I have a nasty sarcastic bent; yet when I say things that are misconstrued I am frequently puzzled as to how the interpretation was made.

      And, I also tend to agree with Robin where she makes virtually the same comparison. Did Filner mean 8 hours of non-stop sexual activity? At age 71? He was a “workaholic.” Look at the Saturday morning schedule he set for himself.

      And I also agree with Pat Brown. I, too, believe this is a sham. Let’s keep Filner in focus so we can blame him for everything and not blame any of the others for the deplorable situation the City of San Diego is having.

      Filner is no long the mayor; an outside might thing otherwise.

      Thank you all for your comments. I didn’t have to get out my armored outfits after all.

    • avatarGeoff Page says

      Very nicely said. We all have our quirks but how many among us can look back on our lives and compare them with what Filner did with his. The people who accomplish the most in this world are often seriously flawed in some way, Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs come to mind. Those two, luckily, did not fall into the cesspool of San Diego politics where absolutely nothing is sacred, especially honor.

  14. avatarLorri says

    The sad part of so much of this is that it has awakened in a lot of us older women the PTSD we had buried when we were truly sexually assaulted in the workplace, and fought for the laws that these women so frivolously used to take the Mayor down. For me, I know I have had nightmares and panic attacks thinking about some of the true sexual harassment that went on in the 80’s when I worked for a large multinational company. If I had said a word, I would have been fired. I was the first woman this company had hired, so I had to take it, quit, or be fired. I chose to take it. Thanks to people like the woman mentioned in this article, and all of the others, I find myself reliving the old trauma once again. Who do I sue? I fought for the laws they are misusing.

    • avatarjudi says

      Lorri, I know exactly what you are saying. Before I went into education, I worked for large companies. Sexual Harassment was the name of the game. Just before I got married I asked for time off from the Hoover company where I was employed as their secretary. I was told by my boss that unless I slept with him he would not allow me the time off. I agonized about what to do and finally decided that when I returned I was going to quit anyway, so I quit one weekend early. But when I went to UC Berkely I decided it was time to stop being passive and I, like you, fought for the laws that are put into place now. The abuse of those laws is what is so sad in this situation. Victim? Hardly. Interesting to see what the City Council will do for the women that were harassed by SDPD. Want to wager a bet?

  15. avatarPat Brown says

    I guess now Peggy Shannon’s 15 minutes of fame, won’t end. I am not a fan of fame hounds. Most of Filner’s accusers loved and love being on camera. If Filner had been an SDPD cop, don’t you think Ms. Shannon would have been charged with making a false accusation against a peace officer? We all know that they only go with the crazy card, when there in fact is evidence to support an allegation.

    I believe these matters belong in a courtroom not on camera. That being said, this is a slap in the face to all the honest victims. I feel sorry for men, any woman can come forward and lie and ruin their lives. But to reward a woman who kept changing her story? A woman who was dropped by her attorney? @Playa Heritage, please post links to the articles that reference this. Thank you Judy, Playa and all those who are commenting. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this for what it is. If Mr. Faulkner wants to have a long political career, he should know that this will haunt him forever, and it really makes him look weak and not like a serious contender, just a downtown special interests Republican puppet. These allegations are about as real as the rug on that attorney’s head. Let the puppet shows begin.