About the San Diego Free Press

The San Diego Free Press was started in June 2012, in association with the OB Rag, to bring news and commentary from a distinctively progressive and grassroots perspective to the greater San Diego and outlying areas. Our mission is to provide a forum for those views, just as we’ve done at the OB Rag, but on a larger scale.

We are, at present, an all volunteer organization. That may change as we evolve. We’re just gonna see where this takes us.

We are looking for local writers, bloggers and citizen journalists who may have their own websites and would like to expand their audience, or want to write about issues that affect them and their neighbors but don’t have an outlet.

Reach us by email at Contact@SanDiegoFreePress.org

The San Diego Free Press is governed by an editorial board consisting of Brent Beltran, Anna Daniels, Frank Gormlie, Patty Jones, Rich Kamar, Annie Lane & Doug Porter. We do this because we believe.

While we welcome (but do not print) press releases– we’re not doing this to repost PR blurbs for commercial enterprises. And we are totally uninterested in sponsored content of any kind.

If you are a progressively oriented activist or research organization and want your information to appear here, try writing something up that doesn’t sound like a press release. We do not have reporters in a traditional sense to dispatch to cover events or editors who can be pitched on stories.

About once a week we get comments/email taking us to task for not being “objective.” You would think that the “Progressive Views” part of our logo might be a clue. But some people just don’t get it.

We’re not objective, whatever that is. We don’t believe that it is even possible to write about anything without referencing ones values and worldview.  We do, however, try to be honest.