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Midwestern Steam Thresher’s Reunion Reminisces Past With Charm

by Judi Curry 09.28.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

I have become fascinated with the lifestyle of my friend Cowboy in North Dakota. I find that I am flying there once a month for a few days at a time to do things like go to horse, goat and pony auctions. Just recently we went to the Building Steam Western Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion (WMSTR) in the town of Rollag. Cowboy had never been to this exhibit and since he has so many of the machines on his farm he thought it would be fun to go. We drove the 110 miles to attend one day of the two and a half day show.

I keep taking notes of these activities, with the thought of writing articles about life in the Midwest, but for some reason have never put pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard as the case may be. At the risk of being too verbose – I want to say a few words about the Steam Thresher’s unnamedReunion, but in order to make my point I need to explain a few things about it. The reunion first began in 1940 when a Garr-Scott engine was fired up to thresh grain with steam again for the sake of reminiscing. It has continued to this day.

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Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery: The Slow Death of a Prism of Beauty

by Judi Curry 08.23.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

Note: After visiting the cemetery on Saturday, Aug. 9th, 2014, we three widows were sorely disappointed in what we saw — or didn’t see — two years later. I sent this article to Doug Ledbetter, the director of the Ft. Rosecrans and Miramar cemeteries so that he would be aware of what I was going to write. He called me, and we discussed the conditions I have mentioned in this article. His responses are italicized.

Two years ago this August I wrote my first article about the deplorable conditions of Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery. The cemetery has special meaning to me because my husband is interred there, and it will be my “home” when I leave my Pt. Loma home. Over the past two years I have written several follow-up articles about the grounds and have complimented the new director, Doug Ledbetter, on returning the cemetery to its pre-2012 standards.

I recently received an unexpected call from Doug asking me if I had been up to the cemetery lately. I had not, but told him that three of us were going to visit our husbands that weekend because it had been a while since we had been. I told him that we were looking forward to the improvements we expected to see, and I would let him know our thoughts.

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Restaurant Review: Buona Forchetta

by Judi Curry 08.20.2014 Food & Drink

Buona Forchetta
3001 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102
(619) 381-4844

By Judi Curry

Whomever said “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” sure must have been in the house last night.

For weeks I have been corresponding with Michael, a reader of the San Diego Free Press. He has commented on many articles I have written; has made suggestions about reviewing a variety of restaurants – Jade, for example – and has suggested that we go out together to review a restaurant.

He has been telling me about the Buona Forchetta for weeks and we finally set the date for last night. Lest you think that this was a “date, date” – let me assure you it was not. I met up with Michael, Jerry, Susan and Monique.

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Restaurant Review: Wong’s Golden Palace

by Judi Curry 08.10.2014 Culture

Wong’s Golden Palace
7126 University Ave
La Mesa, CA 91941

By Judi Curry

It seems like it’s been some time since I’ve done a review of a restaurant. Perhaps that’s because I am filling in for a friend at the Moxie Performing Arts Theater several times a month as a Front of the House Manager. Perhaps it’s because I seem to spend a few days a month in North Dakota learning how to milk goats. Maybe it’s that I’m not always able to find someone to go with me to try out a new place.

Whatever the reason, I’m back in action.

Wong’s Golden Palace was chosen by my friend, Warren, who went with me to see a play at the Moxie Theatre and knew the restaurant was conveniently nearby. It has been a long time since I’ve had Chinese food — with so many different Asian style restaurants around now I’d forgotten how much I really enjoy the cuisine.

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America Has a Koch Problem

by Judi Curry 07.08.2014 Culture

Move-on sponsored movie “Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition” shown in households all over the nation.

By Judi Curry

Senator Bernie Sanders sent out an email telling Move-on members that “ . . . our great nation must not be hijacked by right-wing billionaires like Charles and David Koch. For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we must fight back, and we must do it now in advance of November’s elections.”

I had heard of the Koch brothers for months; I was somewhat aware of the dastardly deeds they were doing throughout our country, and decided to attend the showing of this documentary at “The Hippie House” recently with approximately twenty of our Pt. Loma/Ocean Beach neighbors.

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“How Many Times Can You Be Screwed?” Let Me Count Another Way

by Judi Curry 07.05.2014 Culture

“No money would exchange hands, but it would be a win-win for both of us…”

By Judi Curry

I have always thought of myself as a compassionate person. I frequently do things because I feel it is the right thing to do without ever thinking of any compensation – mentally, emotionally or monetarily. So let’s take a trip down the road to “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” Let’s get into the time tunnel and go back approximately nine months.

I was walking my Golden Retriever Buddy around the block when I came across a woman I knew exercising her dog in front of her house. She was having some work done on her house and I stopped and talked to her. Her name is Patty, and it turned out that she was also in the field of education and I enjoyed talking to her.

The following day, the same thing happened and I asked her about the work she was having done on her house. She told me that a friend of a friend was a handyman and he was doing some work for her on the roof of her house. Apparently the handyman was down on his luck and was virtually homeless, but he was a good friend of another neighbor – a judge in the San Diego Courts – and he was always repairing things that needed work. …

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The City “Dudette” meets the Real Cowboy!

by Judi Curry 07.03.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

Weeks ago I said that I was going to stop my on-line dating sites.  To a certain degree that was true; those sites that cost money I have now eliminated; those that are free I have kept.  About 3-4 months ago I began corresponding with “Cowboy.”  When he told me he lived in North Dakota  –  near Fargo – no less – I knew that there was no purpose in continuing our relationship, but it just seemed to continue, sometimes talking or texting 20-30 times a day.

After only a short period of time – maybe 3 weeks, he told me that we had texted over 2000 times!  What in the world did we talk about? I don’t know, really, but our conversations went on and on, and pretty soon we were talking on the phone.  For an honest-to-goodness cowboy I was impressed with his knowledge and truly enjoyed our conversations.

A few weeks into our “relationship” he asked me if I had ever ridden a horse.  I told him that I remembered my Dad taking me to the pony rides when I was about 5 years old. We did that every Sunday.  Cowboy quickly sent me two pictures:  One of a pony and one of a horse, pointing out that I had never been on a horse; that ponies and horses are not the same thing.

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How To Train Your Kangaroo Retriever

by Judi Curry 06.17.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

As my Golden Retriever Buddy was quickly losing his ability to stand or walk, I decided it was time to start looking for another dog. I hoped that the new dog would breathe some life into Buddy, and although I had been looking for months for the “right” dog, none came to the forefront.

None, that is, until I found Shadow, a.k.a. Thomas, at the Baja Animal Sanctuary. He was just what I thought Buddy and I needed.

Although we cannot be sure of Shadow’s heritage, he appears to be a pure Retriever. But just what kind is in question. You see, I think I have the Superman of the Retriever genre. He can’t jump between buildings in a single leap, but he sure as hell can jump over the coffee table — with all the geegaws on it — to jump up on the couch where he’ll watch the people go by.

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What Does ‘Clean Elections’ Really Mean?

by Judi Curry 06.10.2014 Activism

By Judi Curry

A local organization, Neighborhoods for Clean Elections, is leading a grass roots coalition with plans to put a clean elections initiative on the 2016 ballot.

The initiative — which is supported by Common Cause, as well as a host of other good government groups and a large number of town councils, local community councils and community associations — will provide public funding for candidates for mayor and City Council who agree to a Clean Elections Pledge. That pledge requires that they refrain from soliciting any campaign contributions from private sources, and they further agree to refrain from spending any of their own money for their campaign. It is designed to break the conflict of interest between campaign contributors and candidates.

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Who Has Energy, a Fresh Perspective, and Fantastic Ideas for San Diego?

by Judi Curry 05.10.2014 2014 June Primary

An introduction to Sarah Boot, Candidate District 2 City Council

By Judi Curry

Over the past several months, I have attended many “meet the candidate forums” for those people running for office on June 3rd.  I have been amazed at the quality of one of the candidates running for District 2 City Council seat because she is so aware of the problems facing those of us in this particular district.  And furthermore, she has answers to overcome those problems.

Let’s tackle a few of those problems right now:  For those of us living along the Sunset Cliffs corridor, I have a question for you.  When was the last time you were able to leave your home and go directly to the Highway 8 on-ramp without being detoured around Ocean Beach?  Yesterday it took me over 10 minutes to get to the freeway because of the streets that were blocked off – again – and detour signs were everywhere.

When I came home from my excursion to El Cajon, the detour signs were gone but the roads from Newport to Santa Cruz were so bumpy I thought my car would end up with flat tires.  That, plus the steel plates all over the road only tell me that today will be the same way, and probably for  weeks to come.

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A Difficult Decision: Saying Goodbye to My Dog Buddy after a Wonderful Ten Years

by Judi Curry 04.26.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

As a mother, an Office Manager, a School Principal I have been called on to make some difficult decisions. But no decision has been more difficult that the one I had to make this morning. The heartache and grief supersedes anything I have  ever had to do.

I have had the most wonderful companion for over 10 years.  He was born on my birthday many years after I came into this world.  He was always so happy to see me; he always had a smile on his face; he never questioned decisions I made; never argued with me, and made me feel better after having a difficult day.  That is why this decision is so hard to make.  Of course I am talking about my Golden Retriever.

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My Buddy Has a Playmate

by Judi Curry 04.17.2014 Books & Poetry

By Judi Curry

My 13 year old Golden is having some hip issues

Trying to watch him walk down the stairs brings out the crying tissues.

He doesn’t seem to be in much pain and he “smiles” all the time,

Except when he tries to stand up and then you know he’s not fine.

He just helped me “dog sit” my daughter’s big dog,

Who really is a cross between a kangaroo and a frog.

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An Update on Pumbaa the Shar Pei’s Recovery: Still Not Out of the Woods

by Judi Curry 04.12.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

Editor’s Note: Last month Judi Curry wrote about Pumbaa the Shar Pei, who is receiving canine rehab with Judi’s dog Buddy.

Daisy took Pumbaa to the ortho-vet in Sorrento Valley. He wants to run some more tests on the doggie, but it is nice to know that he has started eating again, and is again being exercised in the pool. So far the tests have totaled about $1000 but Daisy does not know how much more will be needed.

But he looks much better; a little more playful, and in the pool can move his legs well. But, alas, on land, he still cannot put any weight on his back legs.

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The Wild Widows Return to Old Town Part 2: Cygnet Theatre

by Judi Curry 04.08.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

Following our breakfast at O’Hungry’s, Irene and I left Ro and went up to Ft. Rosecrans to visit our husbands. Irene made the comment that the only good thing about our husbands passing was that we met each other. When it is our time to leave this earth, Irene and I will be only a few rows apart and will be able to still converse with each other.

Following our visit to the cemetery, we went back to Old Town to the Cygnet Theatre to see the play Spring Awakening. Ro was the House Manager on this particular day and could not watch the play with us but will see it at a later time.

Spring Awakening is a winner of 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical. It is based on a play that was originally written in 1891, but it is so contemporary it could have been written in our time.

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The Wild Widows Return to Old Town Part 1: O’Hungry’s Restaurant

by Judi Curry 04.07.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry
For those of you have read my articles before you know that I belong to two support groups that I joined after my husband died. Strangely enough, today (April 5th) was Irene’s birthday; it was Ro’s anniversary, and it was also my anniversary. Rather than stay home and feel sorry for ourselves, we decided to make a day of visiting Old Town – as we did several months ago. This is a synopsis of our visit.

We were on our way to the Old Town Mexican Café when we crossed the street in front of O’Hungry’s. It looked virtually empty – strange for 11:00am on a Saturday morning, so we decided to stop in and eat there. I’ll tell you – it is hard to beat the prices of their breakfasts.

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When is a 99 Cent Store Really a Dollar Store?

by Judi Curry 04.04.2014 Business

By Judi Curry

I would rather go to the dentist than go shopping. I hate it. (Not that I like going to the dentist either.) But every now and then an opportunity presents itself that I cannot turn down. Such was the situation on March 26th, when my daughter Michele – whose middle name should have been “Nordstrom” – called me to say she was going to the 99 cent store in Clairemont and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her.

I love spending time with my three daughters, but seldom get the chance to be with Michele because she works so many hours. Plus, she drives a convertible, my favorite kind of vehicle. (Although by the time she picked me up it was after 5:00pm; it was windy and cold, and she had the top up.) She was planning a luncheon honoring the women that she works with – some 60+ – and was looking for a theme to decorate at least 10 tables for the event.

At least we weren’t going clothes shopping, or, even worse, shoe shopping. Because of the time of day, she decided that the Clairemont 99 cent store was the best because we would hit minimal traffic. The better stores are in the La Mesa/El Cajon area, but the traffic would be horrendous at that time of day.

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Restaurant Review: Bistro 60

by Judi Curry 03.28.2014 Film & Theater

Bistro 60
5987 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115

Some time ago, I remember going to San Diego Desserts to talk to the owners about allowing some of my culinary arts students from San Diego Job Corps to do an internship with them. The bakery had been recommended highly by my two culinary arts chefs, and we thought it would be a wonderful experience for the students. Shortly after meeting with the owners, I left San Diego for a position at Penobscot Job Corps in Maine and do not know if our students had the intern experience there or not.

Much later, around 2008 or so, I heard that people could eat their desserts in the restaurant, and it was obvious that it was no longer just a wholesale bakery. Later on I heard that food had been added to the menu, and then wine, and beer, etc.

Recently, a friend and I purchased tickets to the Moxie theater just down the street from the bistro, and it gave me a perfect opportunity to drop in and have dinner before the opening curtain.

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Bedtime with Moxie

by Judi Curry 03.25.2014 Culture

Moxie Theater
6663 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92115

By Judi Curry

When was the last time you were invited to wear your pajamas to a party?  When was the last time you were told to wear your pajamas out in public? When was the last time you were invited to a pillow fight – only if you were wearing your sleeping gear?

When was the last time you were told that “costumed guests will enjoy a Pillow Fight Photo Booth, Naughty Night Cap Beverages, Live Lullabies and Bedtime Stories performed by local celebrities?

And when were you told that one of those celebrities was none other than the Interim Mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria?

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What Will Happen to Pumbaa, the Shar Pei?

by Judi Curry 03.24.2014 Culture

By Judi Curry

Sometimes one hears a story that is so sad that you don’t even want to know the details because you know that you are helpless to do anything about it. Sometimes you hear a story that might have a happy ending if only the right set of circumstances happen in the right amount of time.  Such is the sad tale of Pumbaa.

Just a little background information:  I have a 13 year old Golden Retriever – 91 in adult years – older than me!  He has been having severe hip problems in the last year or so and he is having acupuncture once a week and swim therapy twice a week.

I wrote an earlier article about Trish Penick and her “Cutting Edge K-9 Rehab.”  Because I have a large pool that is now heated, Trish has been working with other dogs, along with Buddy, on a weekly basis.  Some of the dogs that come for therapy come often; some come once in a while.  “Pumbaa”  and his human mother Daisy started coming a few weeks ago.

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Poetry: I Lost A Friend Today

by Judi Curry 03.11.2014 Books & Poetry

I lost a friend today

I do not know why,

He didn’t explain it to me

When he said “Good Bye.”

I held my own until I was out the door,

And then I let go with a big cry.

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Restaurant Review: Jade, Thai and Mandarin

by Judi Curry 03.05.2014 Culture

Jade Thai and Mandarin 
10330 Friars Road #104
San Diego, CA 92120

By Judi Curry

I have done several reviews of restaurants suggested by readers of the San Diego Free Press and/or the OBRag.  One of my readers – Michael – asked me if I had ever gone to the “Jade” before.  I knew where it was on Friars, and remembered eating there but not much about the cuisine.  So I called my friend Jim and asked him if he wanted to join me.  He drove all the way from Oceanside – that’s what friends do for friends – and we arrived at the restaurant at 5:30pm or so.

There were very few other patrons in the restaurant, and not many arrived after we did.  The two servers were delightful and made us feel right at home.  The female waitpersons name was “Angel” and she was; the male was “Nathaniel” and he was very helpful also.

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Restaurant Review: Antique Row Cafe

by Judi Curry 03.03.2014 Culture

Antique Row Cafe
3002 Adams Ave.,
San Diego, CA 92116 (Normal Heights)

By Judi Curry

Some birthdays just go on and on and on.  Particularly those birthdays that you would just as soon forget – like the one I had last week.  (And every day since!)

My neighbors asked to take me out for breakfast at any restaurant of my choosing. I remembered that years ago we went to the” Antique Row Café” and really enjoyed it.  That was my suggestion this time and Nancy and Stuart were willing to drive the distance and try it with me.

It hasn’t changed much since I was there 20+ years ago. They still have the charcoal drawings of many famous personalities on the walls; still dark; and still busy.

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Your Credit Card Has Been Compromised

by Judi Curry 02.27.2014 Economy

By Judi Curry

I received an automated call this morning at 11:27 am. It went like this: “This is your credit card company calling. We are not trying to sell you anything but we think that your credit card has been compromised. We want to talk to either Robert Curry (so do I) or Judith Curry. If this is Robert Curry please press 1. If this is Judith Curry please press 2. If neither Robert Curry or Judith Curry is available, please press 3.”

Since I am “Judith Curry” I pressed 2.

“So that we can be sure we have the right person, please enter your 5 digit zip code.” I entered my zip code.

“Please hold for the next available representative.”

There were many thoughts that went through my mind during the 2 minute hold time. Was I being scammed again? How could they figure out who I was by my zip code? I just used my credit card moments ago to purchase new cards for my new business. Was that a scam? I decided that I would ask the questions when the representative came back on line.

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One Woman’s Thoughts on ‘A Day of Honor’

by Judi Curry 02.24.2014 Politics

By Judi Curry

At the risk of alienating a lot of people, I am absolutely incensed by the City Council naming a day after Peggy Shannon for the “harassment suffered by the mayor of San Diego.”  A day in her honor? For what?  What did she do that was so honorable?  Stop a thief? Adopt orphan children; Save people from a burning building? Fund a scholarship for children that can’t afford to go to college?

She is having a “day of honor” so that the city does not have to pay out any money from the harassment of the former mayor?  She is having a “day of honor” because she told the world about the mayor’s flirting with her? She is having a “day of honor” because she “. . . had butterflies in her stomach because she didn’t know what was going to happen the next time the mayor came to her desk”?

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Restaurant Review: Carlsbad’s Village Grill

by Judi Curry 02.17.2014 Culture

Village Grill
2833 State Street
Carlsbad, CA  92008

By Judi Curry

Once again a few members of my support group decided to hop on the Coaster and spend the day in Carlsbad.  We did this last year and really enjoyed ourselves and thought it was time for an encore.

The Coaster left the Old Town Trolley Station at 9:50am and by the time we arrived in Carlsbad we were hungry.  We decided to stop for breakfast before we did anything else, and stopped at the “Village Grill” within shouting distance of where we got off the Coaster.

The restaurant is a funky, outdoor place and when we looked inside there was a small counter and one table indoors. The chefs cooked just behind the counter.

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