Restaurant Review: Bully’s Del Mar

1404 Camino Del Mar 
Del Mar, CA 92014 

Once again a date with a 72 year old man – that turned out to be 82 after we played “Truth or Consequences” – he wanted me to tell him the truth – did he really look 82 ? – took me to North County for breakfast.  I had been to Bully’s many times but not  to the one in Del Mar; La Jolla when there was one in La Jolla, and to the one in Mission Valley.  Bully’s is known for their Prime Rib, but I could not stomach the idea of Prime Rib for breakfast so ordered something else. More on that later.

The menu is extensive – Appetizers, Salads and Soups, Prime Rib, Steak and Ribs, a variety of “Surf and Turf” combinations;  Shellfish, Fish and Chicken, and for the lunch crowd Sandwiches, Eggs and Omelettes – their spelling , and Lunch Entrees.   There are also 4 items on their Dessert menu as well as a “Daily Selection”. (It is interesting to note that on their takeout menu and their menu on-line there are no prices listed.)   [Read more…]

The Starting Line – Pushback on Gun Control Proposals Reveals Sad Truths About the U.S.

Like many Americans, news of children being killed at an elementary school, was overwhelming for retired teacher Roseanne Holliday a resident of Del Mar. She wanted to do something, anything, to make sure a tragedy like the Sandy Hook shootings never happened again.

After several days of thinking it over, she posted a sign on her property with the message “Stop Del Mar Gun Show and Sale”, and included her email address. Feedback from that sign led to a meeting with over 50 people and launching of a petition urging the Del Mar Fairgrounds to drop its involvement with the Crossroads of the West Gun Show.

  [Read more…]

The Starting Line – San Diego Congressmen Get Campaign Contributions for Domestic Drone Support

Chances are you’ve never heard of the “drone caucus” in the US House of Representatives, officially known as the House Unmanned Systems Caucus.  Yet they are considered among the most powerful groups on the Hill. And participating in the caucus is a sure way for Congressmen to enrich their campaign coffers.   [Read more…]

San Diego Citizens Call on City to Enforce the 1985 Managed Growth Initiative

Members of San Diegans for Managed Growth (SDMG), the original sponsor of the 1985 Managed Growth Initiative, will be joined tomorrow (Monday, October 22 at 12:30 p.m. at the City Hall Community Concourse Plaza, 202 C Street), by representatives of the League of Women Voters (LWV), Protect San Dieguito River Valley (PSDRV) and other organizations in calling on the Mayor, City Attorney and the City Council to enforce the initiative’s requirement for voter approval of urban development in certain agriculturally zoned open space areas of the City referred to as “Proposition A Lands” in the City General Plan.

At a news conference to be held in the Community Concourse near City Hall, speakers will outline the purpose and intent of the initiative, the threat posed by a proposed development which seeks to circumvent the voter approval requirement and the importance of following the policies and procedures put in place to provide certainty and confidence that the precepts of managed growth will be followed and that citizen’s initiatives will be respected.   [Read more…]

The Starting Line—UT-San Diego’s Soviet-Style Election Coverage. Are Airbrushed Photos Next?

UT-San Diego editor Jeff Light has always challenged critics of the paper’s ownership to see if they can find any bias in the paper’s news coverage that reflects the unabashed right wing political leanings of publisher Doug Manchester and CEO John Lynch. One need look no further than today’s edition of the paper and its failure to report any forum or debate occurring in San Diego yesterday that might have aired views in opposition to UT-San Diego’s editorial stances.

There were six, count em, six, debates and forums throughout San Diego yesterday, but for readers of our daily newspaper the only one that occurred was the “televised” event that was staged in UT-San Diego’s broadcast studio.

Not mentioned in today’s paper were a debate between candidates for the San Diego City Council District One seat, a forum for SDUSD School Board candidates, sponsored by the League of Women Voters and Up for Ed, a Balboa Park rally held by supports of school bond construction Proposition Z, a multi-candidate (six contenders, including Mayoral candidate Bob Filner and Congressional candidate Scott Peters appeared) forum on sustainability issues, and a PTA sponsored appearance by civil rights lawyer Molly Munger in support of Proposition 38.   [Read more…]

Obama Supporters to ‘Welcome’ Mitt Romney on Saturday in Del Mar

The word is out. Mitt Romney’s back in California, looking for more money to keep the sinking ship that is his campaign afloat. And local Organizing for America volunteers and Obama supporters are gathering in Del Mar early Saturday afternoon to “Welcome” the GOP candidate as he kicks off this trip inDel Mar. Starting at12:30 Democrats, led by San Diego County Chair Jess Durfee, will be holding a press conference at the corner of Carmel County Road and Ted Williams Freeway (56) to discuss what’s at stake in the November election.   [Read more…]

ACLU Sends Warning to US Attorney Duffy: “Stop the Threats” of Del Mar City Workers

By Marcus Boyd/ Americans for Safe Access / August 6, 2012

San Diego, CA – In an ever increasing waste of federal funds to circumvent state medical marijuana laws, last month US Attorney Laura Duffy fired off this threatening letter to City of Del Mar employees. In response late last week the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego & Imperial Counties (ACLU) posted an article on their blog titled; “U.S. Attorney Shouldn’t Be Threatening to Prosecute City Employees” and fired fired this letter back to the US Attorney.

On their blog, the ACLU writes:

“The San Diego U.S. Attorney is treading dangerous legal ground with a legal opinion that seems to be threatening Del Mar city employees with prosecution if they comply with an ordinance on medical marijuana up for a vote in November.”

Duffy’s intensified war against the civil liberties of sick and dying patients caught the attention of ACLU Legal Director, David Loy, after the director received an email blast and supporting materials from San Diego ASA detailing Duffy’s attempts to threaten lawmakers with federal prosecution for adopting ordinances that regulate dispensaries.   [Read more…]