Old Town Mobilizing to Save Historic Trees from City Project

By Doug Porter

Old Town residents are scrambling to save aging California Pepper Canopy trees from removal along a corridor bordering State Historic Park and the City Golf Course.

Back in late August Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other city officials staged a press conference in Old Town to announce a major infrastructure project.

The Mayor proclaimed the Juan Street Replacement Project to be “…a perfect example of the city’s one dig philosophy….” In addition to replacing the water main, the street would be repaved and sidewalks would be  replaced   [Read more…]

Some Things Never Change: A Review of Perry’s Café

By Judi Curry

It has been years since I have had breakfast at Perry’s. It was a place that my husband and I used to go to frequently and always enjoyed the meals we had there. However, since he passed away, I find it difficult to frequent those places that we patronized, because it always brings back memories that I would just as soon forget.

However, one of the members of my widow support group – Ro – had a birthday today that we wanted to celebrate, and she chose “Perry’s” as the place she would like to go. Interesting enough, all of us had been there with our spouses, with the exception of Candy. We asked the very nice waitress when Perry’s opened, since we all had recollections of our previous visits there and she said it was about the middle 1980’s.   [Read more…]

The Wild Widows Return to Old Town Part 2: Cygnet Theatre

By Judi Curry

Following our breakfast at O’Hungry’s, Irene and I left Ro and went up to Ft. Rosecrans to visit our husbands. Irene made the comment that the only good thing about our husbands passing was that we met each other. When it is our time to leave this earth, Irene and I will be only a few rows apart and will be able to still converse with each other.

Following our visit to the cemetery, we went back to Old Town to the Cygnet Theatre to see the play Spring Awakening. Ro was the House Manager on this particular day and could not watch the play with us but will see it at a later time.

Spring Awakening is a winner of 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical. It is based on a play that was originally written in 1891, but it is so contemporary it could have been written in our time.   [Read more…]

The Wild Widows Return to Old Town Part 1: O’Hungry’s Restaurant

By Judi Curry
For those of you have read my articles before you know that I belong to two support groups that I joined after my husband died. Strangely enough, today (April 5th) was Irene’s birthday; it was Ro’s anniversary, and it was also my anniversary. Rather than stay home and feel sorry for ourselves, we decided to make a day of visiting Old Town – as we did several months ago. This is a synopsis of our visit.

We were on our way to the Old Town Mexican Café when we crossed the street in front of O’Hungry’s. It looked virtually empty – strange for 11:00am on a Saturday morning, so we decided to stop in and eat there. I’ll tell you – it is hard to beat the prices of their breakfasts.
  [Read more…]

Commemorate Día de los Muertos throughout San Diego – Long Live the Dead!

Día de los Muertos Commemorated for Thousands of Years in the Americas

By Brent E. Beltrán

Los días de los muertos have been commemorated for thousands of years in the Americas. It started in what is now México and has spread throughout the United States and the world. Today these days are celebrated by people of many different colors and cultures.

November 1 is Día de los Inocentes (Day of the Innocents) when deceased children are honored and November 2 is known as Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) where we pay tribute to adults who have passed away. These dates correspond with the Christian holidays of All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day.   [Read more…]

Review: You Can’t Go Wrong with a Sunday in Old Town

Miguel’s Restaurant
2444 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, CA 619-298-9840

Stephen Sondheim’s “COMPANY”
Cygnet Theater
4040 Twiggs St (at San Diego Ave)
San Diego, CA  (619) 337-1525

By Judi Curry

Candy, one of the members of a Widow’s Support Group that I belong to is the only one of us that is not a Pisces or Aries.  Works out fairly well for the rest of us, because all of our birthdays seem to fall in February and/or March and although we do not need a celebration to get together it makes it more fun.

Ro, a member of my other support group, volunteers as an usher for many of the playhouses in San Diego, and she had 4 free passes to see “Company” at the Cygnet and generously offered to “donate” them to us for Candy’s birthday celebration.  As we frequently do, we decided to go out for lunch and take in the 2:00pm matinee.   [Read more…]

Cafe Coyote Disappoints

Four of us from my support group had tickets to see “Man of La Mancha” Sunday, August 19, 2012 at the Cygnet Theatre. (Thanks to Ro who ushers at the theater and is paid in “vouchers” for performances.) We decided to go early to find a parking place and then have lunch before the play. We arrived at 12:30pm and had no trouble parking in the little lot attached to the Cygnet. Everyday in Old Town is a parking/eating nightmare, but Sunday has to be the worst.   [Read more…]

Man, Oh Man! A Review of ‘Man of La Mancha’

Cygnet Theater Review
Old Town, San Diego

Dear Reader,

I am so sorry that I did not see this play earlier than today. It was absolutely wonderful. The acting was superb, the singing extraordinary, the adaptation to a small theater was marvelous.

The audience was on their feet before the final strains of the last song.   [Read more…]

Restaurant Review – Old Town’s “LA PIÑATA” – Tasty Food & a Treasure Chest for Kids

Last night I had a fun evening with my daughter and her two grandchildren. Yes, they are my great grandchildren, and it is always a joy to be with them. My great-granddaughter is 3, going on 15; my great-grandson just turned two.

When asked if they wanted to go to dinner with me, they were excited and asked if we could go to the “Treasure Chest” restaurant. (Can you imagine that at their ages they already have a favorite place to go?) My daughter agreed, because she has the best motivator for making sure that the kids behave themselves.  La Piñata has a “treasure chest” filled with all kinds of goodies for the “good boys and girls.” My daughter and granddaughter have set the rules for the family:  IF they eat their meal AND if they behave, stay in their chairs; speak with “restaurant voices” at the end of lunch/dinner, etc. they can pick one gift each from the treasure chest. It works like a charm.  And they are consistent with the rules.  (For example, last night my great-grandson did not eat all his dinner. He did not get to choose something from the treasure chest. His sister did everything she was supposed to do and she did get a trinket from the chest. He was not unhappy about not getting anything. Even at two he knows the rules.)   [Read more…]