Joe Arpaio Meets With Tea Party Group and Supporters in Ramona

Notorious sheriff’s posse gets unruly as police watch and do nothing

By Miguel Cid

About four years ago when Joe Arpaio visited San Diego, his reputation and stance on immigration policy earned him a booing from protesters and residents in the county. In short, San Diego did not receive him with open arms.

Nearly a month after protesters blocked buses in Murrieta, approximately 10:30 on Saturday morning, July 26th, in Ramona, our carpool passed the Joe Arpaio meet up location of the Ramona Mainstage, and out of the crowd I spotted a face; a face that resembled a skin tone similar to mine.

The man wearing the face held up a sign that read, “We Support You Joe”. I instantly thought that the signage must have been referring to him and his family, because I know he being the only seemingly brown face lined up in support of Sheriff Joe, he could not be referring to the Latino community, and especially not the Chicano community in the surrounding areas.   [Read more…]

The Starting Line – Koch Brothers’ Coachella Failure-fest Set for this Weekend

By Doug Porter

This weekend (Apr 28-29) hundreds of business executives and wealthy conservative donors will descend upon the Coachella Valley, hoping to forge a strategy to turn last fall’s drubbing of conservative candidates into future victories. I imagine the crowd will be considerably different from what locals have seen over the past two weeks.

Since 2003 billionaire industrialists David and Charles Koch have been hosting regular retreats at luxury resorts seeking to focus the resources and energy of wealthy and politically ambitious conservatives in the US.

Their latest invitation-only gathering, originally scheduled for January, was postponed.   [Read more…]

Hope Abounds at Ramona Unified School District

by Dave Patterson

It might be the season of hope that is guiding the decision makers at RUSD because the employees, Administration and School Board seem collectively unified in the idea that the only way out of the looming fiscal mess is to pass a school bond that has failed 5 times previously. It’s good that they are unified because they need to resolve some pressing issues very soon, or the school district will be in the red as soon as 2013. It’s not good that they are unified because they seem unable or unwilling to see what is really happening, a slow degradation of our school system to pay off a ballooning debt.

There are a couple of constants that I consider when pondering the future of our school system. 1. No amount of employee sacrifices can fix the long-term debt wave that is engulfing the school district. 2. The district cannot default on the loan made by the previous school board, and the bondholders will get their money. 3. The district can either pass a school bond that has failed 5 times in a row, or surrender the school district to the state.   [Read more…]

COURTS: Lawsuit says press credentials issued by SDPD violate First Amendment

Ramona Videographer Thinks As Himself As a Watchdog – Police Think Otherwise But They Issue Press Passes

By Brandon Lowrey / North County Times / August 14, 2012

A Connecticut-based news agency is suing San Diego city and county officials in federal court, claiming that press credentials issued by the San Diego Police Department violate the First Amendment.   [Read more…]

The Great Ramona Zucchini Wars

By Dave Patterson

Like a shot heard round the world, what was considered beyond the limits of civility was breached while we were away. When we saw what had been left on our doorstep in Ramona, my wife ran away screaming and I was taken aback to witness what depths of decency had been abandoned. I shudder to think what may become of society in Ramona as a result of this dastardly act, because this means war.

Someone left an extremely large zucchini on our doorstep. Zucchinis at this time of year are frightening because we are at wits end with what to do with them.   [Read more…]