The Koch Network’s War on Unions is a War on Democrats, Education, and Democracy

There’s blood in the water.  That’s the sense that the money behind the American Right has as we head into the second year of the Trump era.  And with recent polls showing the big Democratic polling edge ebbing, the sharks are beginning to circle.  

But, as unsettling as that is, there is a lot more at stake than just one election cycle.  

As Doug Porter ably reported last week, the Koch network got together in Indian Wells to sip cocktails and discuss how they could invest $400 million to promote their politics and policies in the upcoming election cycle.  That alone is very bad news for those of us hoping that a Democratic wave might sweep the Republican majority out of the House of Representatives, but the aim of this incredibly powerful group of billionaires is not just to win one election but to win the long war.   [Read more…]