September 2011

How About Telling Our Children the Truth?

by Ernie McCray 09.16.2011 Education

Thoughts Stemming from 9-11 My radio alarm woke me up with someone summarizing a study that found that a significant number of schools have not done much as far as engaging students in learning experiences involving 9-11. Because it’s too “controversial.” Is that not sad? That reminds me of a man on TV, not too […]

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OB Ragster quoted in Washington Post on why she cancelled her subscription to the San Diego U-T

by Frank Gormlie 09.16.2011 Culture

Seems OB Ragsters are getting quoted everywhere these days. Doug Porter was quoted by the San Diego U-T just this past Sunday on why their former comment policy turned people off – particularly newbies to town. And today, we are overjoyed to announce that our own Anna Daniels was quoted yesterday in a Washington Post […]

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Land Use and Housing Committee to consider “Property Value Protection Ordinance”

by Patty Jones 09.16.2011 Business

The Committee Hearing is TODAY – Wednesday, September 14th at 2pm (please arrive at 1:30pm) at San Diego City Hall. You can RSVP through Facebook. The address is: San Diego City Hall, 202 C Street, 12th floor, San Diego, CA Ordinance would fine banks $1000 a day for failure to maintain foreclosed properties. The Alliance […]

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KUSI and Carl DeMaio Sign-A-Thon, Aiming for an Eagle with One Wing

by Doug Porter 09.15.2011 Politics

Does it qualify as a newscast? Is it a free political advertising? Is it even newsworthy? These are all questions that can be legitimately asked about the forthcoming collaboration between Mayoral Candidate Carl DeMaio and local TV station KUSI. This Thursday (Sept 15), the station will be giving up a four hour chunk of airtime […]

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