Announcing the San Diego Free Press “Find the Koch Brothers Confab” Contest

First Person Who Finds Koch Brothers’ Site Wins T-Shirt !

Earlier this week we let the cat out the bag that the infamous Koch Brothers, the guys that are pumping $395 million for right wing causes into this year’s elections, are having a little get together in San Diego.

These meetings bring together ultra wealthy individuals to convince them to pool their monies on behalf of right wing and conservative causes. Koch Industries, the brothers’ privately owned oil, chemical and household products company, has sponsored the summits twice a year since 2003.

Past meetings have included big names conservative speakers like political stars like Eric Cantor, Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, Rick Perry, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck along with Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Thomas.

We’d like to make sure that they get a nice warm “San Diego” reception for their little shindig, but there’s only one problem.

Its location is a secret.

Despite our best efforts, y’know, like Google and Facebook and stuff, we haven’t been able to track down the location that the Koch brothers are using. So we thought we’d put it out to you, dear readers, because we’ll bet that somebody out there knows the score here.

A couple of hints based on past Koch gatherings are in order:

1) these guys don’t think small—it will involve a lot of hotel rooms and

2) these guys have plenty of cash to throw around, so think luxury.

We know of one hotel that’s fully booked for this weekend that fits those criteria, but we’re looking for confirmation that it is indeed the Brothers Koch and friends.

Send your clues and sightings to or The first person in with the correct answer wins a very stylish OB Rag tee shirt.

Help us facilitate the Koch Brothers having a good time here in America’s Finest City.


  1. avatarJack Walden says

    Love it! Hope you can smoke ’em out! Then, ideally a demonstration/infiltration can be arranged which will spoil their democracy-destroying good time.

  2. avatarRiposte says

    Who would know info to look for? I.E. current or former luxury hotel employees or managers and who else?

    What kind of items would people need to be on the lookout for?

    Number of hotels and convention halls that would live up to these individuals standards would be few and far between.

    On one hand we would be talking about expensive luxury commodities like certain kinds of wine, cigars and what other types of products?

    What type of car would they rent and where would they rent it from? What about chauffeurs?

    Also they would likely require top dollar escorts/ prostitutes… what about the beautiful women who are paid to stand around and act as eye candy at conventions? They would likely want a few of those too…

    What about the best best culinary talents that could be found in the area? Or would they hire them and fly them in from elsewhere?

    What about security services? Who would these guys hire?

    Ideas, suggestions, come on everyone use your heads.

  3. avatarMartha Sullivan says

    After putting out a Temp Check via email & FB msg last night, and talking more with core organizers today  (including Occupy Phoenix’s Mark Thomas, cc’d here), we have decided to do a march through the Gaslamp//Marina District on Saturday night, gathering at Children’s Park (downtown San Diego at 1st & Island) @ 7p. AND another on Sunday late morning, gathering at Children’s Park at 10a.

    The latter is a better fit for the news cycle, but we figured we might as well do it Saturday night as well — the two days & times gives more people the option to participate, depending on their schedule.  Please help spread the word!  

    This is coming together on very short notice — but this is what we excel at (ask Mitt Romney), and there is no lack of creativity among us for effective, fun and peaceful protest!  Here’s one example fresh off the San Diego Free Press: 

    Occupy Phoenix is planning info flyers about the Koch Brothers to pass out to passersby, and would love to arrange for a screening of the “Koch Brothers Exposed” movie on Monday night, if they can find a venue.  Please reply to Mark Thomas, cc’d here, if you can offer something.

    Think “Hide and Seek” — what DO the Koch Brothers and their fellow 1%ers have to hide?  Why are they so afraid to show themselves?  We can walk through the busy Gaslamp District yelling:  “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!” — maybe sticking a few of our heads into a some of the establishments, asking loudly, “Are the Koch Brothers HERE?”. 

    Here’s some other great inspiration for signs and props:  

    The Koch Brothers: They’re the evil thing!  AND The Koch Brothers:  Koch-Blocking Democracy!
    Jim Terr © 2011
    The Kochs would like to buy the world
    And make it all their own.
    It’s grown too full of free ideas
    To really feel like home.
    Let’s focus on the simple things
    Like lower tax for all. —
    And hope) no one notices where the greatest
    Benefit will fall. 
    Yes we finance the Tea ParTEE
    And talking heads you’ll trust.
    And hope the working folks don’t see
    It helps out mostly us.
    We’re the real thing..
    ..Money really talks..
    Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck…
    ..Aren’t as rich as we are..
    But we have the same interests..
    …think about it for a minute..
    “You’ve just had a KOCH!”. 
    Hope to see you Saturday night and/or Sunday morning!  

    Martha Sullivan
    Cell 858/945-6273

  4. avatarJohn says

    I’m guessing that one should ask around either of concierges, caterers, janitorial staff at some of the usual finer hotels like the Westgate, Grant or Del, etc., and check out the high end hookers. If anyone will know diddly over fucking squat, it will be them. Good luck Sherlock.

  5. avatarDoug Porter says

    From BuzzFeed….

    Inside The Koch Brothers’ Undisclosed Location
    From time to time, Charles and David Koch convene a secret powwow of wealthy conservatives. This weekend’s conference, a source tells BuzzFeed, will be at the Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad, California, near San Diego.
    (a photo essay of the resort follows. and, oh yeah, it’s swanky enough for them

  6. avatarRiposte says

    Another series of Occupy marches?

    The first thing that comes to my head is if a tree falls in the woods…

    Park Hyatt Aviara looks good but… anything to verify?

  7. avatarDorothy Lee says

    Saw the San Diego Free Press “Find the Kochs [Suckas]” contest profiled on MSNBC this a.m. Melissa Harris-Perry thought it was pretty cool!

  8. avatarBill P says

    My vote is that it is at the Aviara in Carlsbad. I live under the landing pattern of the Palomar Airport. Yesterday evening there was a steady stream of large and small private jets landing there and today hardly anything landing. Since the Palomar Airport is a very short drive on a local street to the Aviara, I think it must be there. Also, yesterday i saw a CHP car crusing the area. I had never seen a CHP in this area before.

  9. avatarRiposte says

    Right on those who guessed Aviara. Great observation Bill P. Info like that is golden.