Field of View: A Marshmallow Fight on the Fourth of July

Thousands congregated in Ocean Beach for a colorful fireworks show – even more so considering the malfunctioning mishap Downtown – and the decades-long traditional marshmallow fight. Young couples, teens, older folks and families all took part, armed either with their own bags of marshmallows (sold for $3.99 or less from various prepared vendors along Newport Avenue) or scooping up whatever fallen artillery they could find. The warfare didn’t wait until the fireworks finale, though things heated up dramatically afterward.

The event is a wonderful thing to have so close to home. One significant downside was the amount of trash – especially the plastic – that was left on the beach. If something could be done about that, this would the harmless, uniquely OBcean experience it was meant to be.

All photos by Annie Lane.

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Annie Lane

Annie Lane

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Annie Lane


  1. avatar says

    AWESOME photos of the fireworks. I just learned about this annual marshmallow fight. I’ll have to participate next July.

  2. avatarDianne says

    Decades-long tradition? Who knew? Well, I guess lots of people did. Anyway, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I love the silliness of it!