Restaurant Review – “FIESTA CANTINA”

Fiesta Cantina, 142 University Ave., San Diego, Ca 92103

One of the nice things about finally having a date was going to someplace I had not been before, with a person I had not met before, and with a waitress that was already celebrating the Gay Pride Parade.

He suggested that we meet at the “FIESTA CANTINA” to indulge in their Taco Tuesday repast.  Their menu for Tuesday was an “all you can eat” taco’s, featuring three different fillings, including rice and beans and salsa for $4.95.  There was a one beverage minimum, but during Happy Hour if you purchased 1 margarita the other one was free. (Same with beer – buy one beer – the second was free.)

Besides the Tuesday special, the menu had many different items on it, beginning with “Starters” for $2 and going to Salads and Wraps, Entrees, Sides, Taco’s and Burritos, and ending with dessert.

The waitress, who’s name I will not mention to protect the innocent, was a very attractive young lady with a proclivity to stroke either my arm, my leg or my back every time she walked by me. Although not sexual in nature – well, not obnoxiously sexual, it had me giggling to myself as I anticipated her next move.

Ah yes – getting back to the review:  The two steak taco’s were good. They were served on small tortilla’s, with a nice salsa on the side. The rice was very good, and I elected not to eat the black beans.  Even the margarita’s were tasty, although I kept waiting for the buzz and it never happened. (Just as well since I was driving.)

The restaurant was very colorful and there were signs everywhere.  Perhaps one of the most unnerving was the bathroom  marked “Hombres y Senoritas.” This consisted of 3 urinals and one toilet AND NO LOCK ON THE DOOR! A young lady was waiting for another restroom to vacate so she could lock the door.

People sitting at the next table over told my date that they did not like what they ordered, but he did not know what it was.  The restaurant features a Sunday brunch; Happy Hour twice a night – from 4:00-8:00pm and again from 10:30pm to 12:30am.  All drinks are at 2 for 1 prices seven days a week.  The noise was loud but as we walked along the street and checked out other restaurants on University they were as loud as ours. It is not a place to go for an intimate meal, but it is certainly worth the price for a casual encounter.


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    • avatardoug porter says

      I totally agree. Mama Testa’s rocks! The Chorizo tacos are (hot!) really tasty.

  1. avatarjudi says

    Thanks. Maybe I’ll have to ask a “date” out instead of waiting to be asked out.