San Diego Free Press T-Shirts Now Available – Support a Free Press in San Diego

We now have T-shirts to send you – just send us a donation. Yes, finally, after publishing for more than four months, we have Ts available – and bumper stickers, as well. So, support a free press in San Diego – support the San Diego Free Press by getting one of our very nifty, smart-looking and stylish T’s.

We have two new sets of T-shirts.

The first is our black T with the San Diego Free Press banner logo.  We have sizes in medium, large, X-tra large, and XX-tra large. It’s yours for a $15 donation (plus mail charge).

We also have San Diego Free Press bumper stickers, for $1 donation.

On top of all this, we also have a special FDR T-shirt with his famous quote about fascism in light gray. This shirt is available in medium, large, X-tra large, and XX-tra large for a wholesome $10 donation (plus mailing charge).

Here is a close-up of the image on this shirt:

Because the San Diego Free Press is so new, we are relying on our parent website – the OB Rag.  So either go to the PayPal account on the OB Rag, scroll down to the last payment box – make a payment – please include $3 for mailing and indicate it’s for a SDFP T-shirt, size, and of course your address – or send the OB Rag a check in the same amount.  (Make check out to “OB Rag” and mail to SDFP c/o OB Rag, PO Box 7012, San Diego, CA 92167.) And we’ll mail it out to you like lickity split, dude or dudess.



  1. avatar says

    Double XL, double XL! Finally something that I can wrap around my gut…you’ll see some cash from my next paycheck, whenever that may come.

  2. avatarDerek Penn says

    Are the shirts Made in the USA? With all the talk about protecting working americans today I certainly hope we are doing our part by using Made in USA t-shirts for these…

    • avatarAnnie Lane says

      Sadly, these are not. We were hard pressed to come up with shirts prior to Politifest, so we chose to go with a small order (20) through the James Gang in OB. They have been a reliable source and friends of the OB Rag and SDFP for a long time.

      We are currently looking for a local union screen shop that provides USA made shirts at a price that a volunteer-run organization can afford. If you have any suggestions, we’d very much appreciate them.