Video Picks of the Week: Mitt gets a little sazón, conservatives stand athwart history yelling “Stop” and the privileged class turns peevish

The United States is steadily shifting from a predominantly white country to one in which nonwhites will soon be a majority.  In addition, a recent Pew report on religion in the U.S.  reveals that a third of adults under the age of 30 are religiously unaffiliated today.  This poses a challenge to the Republican party in which close to 87 % of registered voters are white.

The conservative response?  Whinge.  And lots of prayer.  North Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham summed up the GOP’s future quite succinctly–“The demographics race we’re losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

Mitt Romney stated at the now infamous private fundraiser that he’s chance of becoming president would increase if only he had been born a Latino, adding that he was just joking.  Rosie Pérez thinks that he would have been even better poised to be president if he had been born a gay Latina.  She’s also just joking.

Easier as a Latino

The GOP march toward irrelevance is hardly a quiet one.  Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh (R) proclaims that “with modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance” in which a woman would actually die if she didn’t receive an abortion. He adds that the “health of the mother has become a tool for abortion, anytime and anywhere.”  Speaking of tools, this is the guy who has ongoing child support issues, which goes to show that for the extreme right, life begins at conception and ends at birth.

Holy Man Bryan Fischer provides further back-up for Walsh’s deep distrust of women with True Facts from the Bible:

Political Leadership Should be in the Hands of Men

In the past weeks we’ve also seen members of the privileged class take the time to reach out and touch their employees by reminding the little people that if they don’t vote for Romney, they may very well be out of a job come January.  The Koch brothers have put 45,000 employees on alert.  Arthur Allen, CEO of ASG Software Solutions also “encourages” employees to donate the $2,500 maximum to the Romney/Ryan campaign. Allen and the Koch brothers are following the example of David Siegal of Westgate Resorts.

Digby at Hullabaloo sums up Siegal, the whining job creator.  “If you haven’t seen the documentary “Queen of Versailles” you probably don’t understand the depth of depravity in that statement by the man whose wife is the title character. This is a man who’s made his fortune bilking people out of money they cannot afford for time-shares that aren’t worth spit. He’s the guy whose conspicuous consumption is so over the top that they made a movie out of it, a movie in which he is revealed to be one of the stupidest businessmen on the face of the earth. ”

Trailer “Queen of Versailles”

All that conservative fear and loathing makes me think about one of my favorite films- “The Ruling Class,” a 1972 British black comedy starring Peter O’Toole.  So here’s a video bonus!

Dem Bones from The Ruling Class


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  1. avatar says

    According to the right wing, life begins at conception, but actually life begins before conception. Aren’t all those sperms and unfertilized eggs alive? They definitely are. so to be totally consistent, we must do everything possible to see that unused sperm and eggs don’t die off simply because they don’t become fertilized eggs. I expect to see a proposition on the next ballot that would harvest and freeze unutilized sperm and eggs untill such time as they could be combined in such a way as to lead to the birth of a real human being. Now that would really be pro-life! Millions of lives could be saved.