1. avatarJ P H says

    I have no doubt that Mitt Romney’s plans will create millions of jobs–IN CHINA! A band playing to greet Chinese pod people as they arrive to take training from the Americans who formely operated the plant’s vital machinery? Isn’t that like the band playing at Auschwitz as new arrivals stepped onto the train platform? What’s next, Bain admits it profits from Chinese organ harvesting from political prisoners? Romney discloses a full TWO YEARS of tax returns? Whoopee! I think he has his returns done by a major accounting firm, their tax prep arm farms out the work to India/Pakistan/Bangladesh who have tons of chartered accountants who then post US 1040s to the web in retailiation for the wages they receive, something like 1/500th what is paid to the US CPA firm…. follow the breadcrumbs to the gingerbread house! Oh, aout Sensata, don’t they sell parts to the US DoD, and doesn’t the DoD have to procure parts from American makers exclusively or if not, just who and what are we DEFENDING? Communism?

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