My Meet-and-Greet with Michael Aguirre

By Judi Curry

jpg3-300x225One of the goals I had set for myself during this mayoral election was to meet each of the candidates running for office. The only exception to this goal was a meeting with Kevin Faulconer, since he is my representative already and I know more about him than I need to know before voting.

I have met with David Alvarez – and try as I might to meet with Nathan Fletcher I was thwarted all the way.  And although a Michael Aguirre supporter, I felt that he did not have a chance of winning the election and I would need to look at others running for office.

However, I received an invitation to meet and greet Mike Friday at a home in Point Loma, and decided that since I had not made my final decision yet, this was a good time to hear what Mike had to say in person.

Mike is a graduate of UC Berkeley.  Perhaps I knew this, but if I did I did not remember it. I went to UC Berkeley in 1965-1966 – he came in a few years after me – and I know that the curriculum is superb.

I didn’t know much of his background before this evening but I found out that he was raised by his grandmother, who was an artist living in Mission Hills.  At night, Mike and his family would look out over the bay and talk about the glorious colors that emanated from the lights.  His grandfather was a prize fighter, although Mike does not remember any fights as a child growing up.  His grandmother contracted polio at the age of 27, and was confined to a wheelchair, but she was able to put together dresses and accessories to sell to women that were looking for her product.  Mike remembers his grandparents going into establishments and admonishing him to “keep an eye out for immigration authorities.”

His memories of San Diego are numerous, but one that he remembers well is taking the ferry across the San Diego Bay to go to Coronado. He marveled at the engineering that allowed people to drive their car onto a boat; take the fast ride across the bay, and then drive off the boat.  He remembers things like smelling his first carnation.

Mike is culturally aware of what San Diego and Tijuana have to offer. He would like to see a cultural center built at the border that would house art work from the Western Hemispheres, including from the explorers that discovered the jewel of San Diego.

He feels that a lot of what is missing in the running of San Diego is the intellectual awareness necessary to make this a great city.  He thinks that good decisions are not being made, and the city leaders need to act more like educated people.  He says that people who run the city should do everything in their power to help the citizens of San Diego in a positive way.

Furthermore, he feels that everyone should be involved; that there should be an “open door” policy  for all of the citizens and neighborhoods of San Diego.  He stated that one of the candidates said we should make it more expensive for the rich people to start an initiative  but he pointed out that rich people could afford to pay more; it is the “non-rich” that would be hurt by the increased fees. He said that we should never take away the rights of the people.

Mike has said many of the right things.  I would love to see him go head-to-head with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.  Whether he has the monies and where-with-all to beat the other contenders is questionable.  But before you mark that final square on the ballot, take a close look at what Mike has to offer the community. In my opinion, he truly offers a great deal of substance.


Judi Curry

High school dropout who decided to show the educational community what learning is all about. If it's the status quo something's wrong with it and I'll scratch the itch!

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  1. avatar says

    Thank you for joining us last night, Judi. Mike Aguirre has so much love for San Diego. I hope people will look beyond all the negative PR and the combative reputation. Mike is an advocate for a sustainable future. He had to face a barrage of attacks both personally and professionally when he was city attorney. He was fighting for San Diego while being sued by 1600 police officers with their former police chief as mayor. Mike realizes he could have been noncombative and achieved a more positive result. He has been humbled by all that he has experienced. He does not have mental issues or a caustic nature as some people have insinuated. The people he surrounds himself with all know him well and they confirm he is passionate about saving our city to the point he worries about getting an inexperienced person in the mayor’s office. Mike has the experience and know how, plus he is not going to alienate or attack anyone. He will work with everyone to restore San Diego to America’s Finest City. By the way, if you are realizing Mike is right for our next mayor but already mailed in your ballot mail-in votes already sent in may possibly be reported as “spoiled at the registrar of voters. It’s not too late to change your vote to Mike Aguirre.

  2. avatarChristine Schanes says

    Thanks for sharing your interview with Mike Aguirre. It’s great to learn more about the personal background of a candidate. Do you still think he doesn’t have much of a chance to win?

    Best to you,

  3. avatarJimmie Sober says

    Hello Judi Curry.
    Thank you for your very quick article and the pleasure of meeting you at Catalina’s home last evening.
    Mike Aguirre is first of all worthy of the position and the most qualified, the result of his experience as City Attorney, and his intellect, which this much older Friend recognized very shortly after first meeting Mike approximately 15 years ago.
    I have either been blessed with having met or been in the presence of the other three candidates. The two City Council Members running are very nice persons, however each is totally under the control of someone other than themselves.
    The older City Council Member is controlled by – The San Diego Union Tribune Editors/Owner; Sanders, and the San Diego City Chamber of Commerce. The other, younger City Council Member is totally under the control of the Unions.
    Unions are not bad in some instances, however as anyone who looks into their operations will learn, that in San Diego, they primarily benefit the 400 who have immorally utilized the Union to legally screw the taxpayers. Llower level Union Members who do deserve the little bit they get from the Leaders/Officers of the socialist Union pick up the scraps.
    The third candidate owned by Qualcomm is still bouncing off of walls and is being used by Qualcomm Leaders/Owners to gain control of the City through their “sell to the highest bidder” candidate, should he become mayor? Meanwhile he is nearly starving on his measly $300,000 salary and is probably having to use some of the $291,000 donations for his candidacy given by the (guess) Qualcomm employees (or else).
    Mike Aguirre is not owned nor has he ever been bought out by the special interests who support the other three primary candidates. Mike Aguirre is for the Neighborhoods, and we are for Mike Aguirre.
    Thank you.