1. Obama hasn’t finally seen anything, he’s just making some grand gestures at the end of his presidency. It’s good that he’s doing these things, but he’s killing innocents in the Middle East with his drones, and helping the Israelis oppress the Palestinian People.

    • George W Bush destabilized the Middle East by invading Iraq. ISIS is the result. Now Obama is left trying to clean up that mess if he possibly can. To let ISIS go on its merry way is to let a bunch of ruthless killers take over a major country in the Middle East. Obama would have liked nothing better than to have his legacy be that he brought the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to an end. Now we’ll see what kind of mess happens in Afghanistan when some group like ISIS takes over there. Nobody including Obama wants to kill civilians and no civilians were killed when he captured Osama although he could have had a drone drop a bomb on his compound killing all inside including Osama’s wives and children.

  2. So, you think Obama finally standing up to the congressional reptiles deserves cheers. I think he’s dumb dumb dumb for not acknowledging sooner what most progressives have known for at least four years. As you write, they have been after him since Day One.
    Just think of what might have been accomplished if Obama had been a little more like LBJ, for an example.
    And, had he found his backbone sooner, the dems may not have had such a disastrous defeat last month at the polls.

    • The political environment for LBJ was totally different from the political environment Obama finds himself in. In LBJ’s time Republicans didn’t openly declare that their purpose in life was to defeat him. Obama is not to blame for the intransigence of the Republicans. The Republicans are. This is ridiculous that “if only Obama had more backbone” etc. It doesn’t matter how much backbone Obama might have had. The Republicans would still have done everything they could to belittle, humiliate and defeat him.

      • Given that all you say here is true, still Obama earned his moniker as “the great capitulator.” He compromised so much, even before any “negotiations” with Republicans, that he made it much easier for them to excoriate him. He gave up so much over the last 5 years that these new actions simply can’t make up for it.
        Add to that the complete failure of the Democratic Party to make good PR use of their successes and we have the defeat of 2014.

        • “he made it much easier for them to excoriate him.” Blame the victim, huh, Michael-Leonard. You remind me of the rape victim whose perpetrators said in their defense that she was wearing too sexy clothes.

          • Nasty analogy, Mr. Lawrence.
            More like the most powerful man in the free world giving up his power to those who nip at his heels. If the president is a victim, it is of his own continued lack-of-action.
            Look, I had great hopes for Obama and voted for him twice. and I don’t think I’m the only one who has been sorely disappointed by his performance — or lack thereof — in office. That is all I’m saying. So, please afford me the respect of not putting words in my mouth, thank you.

  3. Whatever the true value of Obama’s presidency may be, he has established that Republicans embrace racism, that they’re willing to defund government and believe corporations are people. The right wing of this country is now radical and not nearly conservative. That Obama has survived all that offers some indications that the Democrats as a party cannot survive if they follow his cautious, lawyerly and cosmetic
    Rare endangered species survive; democracies are supposed to flourish on the collective energy of their people.

  4. The Democrats are feeding off the corporate till just like the Republicans although to a lesser extent. The problem isn’t whether or not they are take a “cautious, lawyerly and cosmetic approach”; the problem is that money rules politics and those that can’t raise it are left out in the cold.

  5. The Middle East has been unstable for a long time. Since Europeans colonized and drew borders based on those colonies, the people who live there have been trying to define their own borders. The mistake the west always makes is that we know what the borders should look like and who should live where. We actually had the audacity to import a bunch of Europeans after WWII and displace the people who were already living there!

    It’s not our business, the people of the Mid-East have the right to self determination which gives them the right to define their own borders irregardless of how bad the United States thinks they are. ISIS has not killed up to a million Iraqis and Afghans like the US war against these countries has.

  6. You tell it like I am believing, myself. I’m relieved that he is finally aggressively acting, given that Congress’ inability to get anything done set him up for being “a failing presidency” which then became the rallying cry for the Republicans in the last election. Yes, they did succeed in their stated objective “to make him fail” and didn’t count on him to start doing what it takes to get something done for the good of the country!

  7. It’s an exciting prospect that there is a future for solar energy under Obama’s presidency. However, we must continue to educate and inform people about it’s importance in order to see these results. I found an interesting map which shows great potential from many American states however, many are still lacking in growth. Let me know what you think of these results

    • Thank you for your comment, but I could have done without the link to a commercial site as much as I love solar.


    I jusst finished Michael Grunwld’s book The NEW new deal:the hidden story of change in the Obama’s era. He said it all. A complete list and explanation for all the changes brought about.

    As I read it i begin to see how the big recession cold prove to be a great blessing in disguise. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being pumped into the economy. But if you look at the list in the attachment you will find that most of the items on the list are areas that Obama would never have been able to get funded through regular channels. But now he is able to put billions into the things that congress would never approved. If you study the list you will quickly see that many of them will set up project’s that will have far reaching effects in the years to come. Just a few examples.

    China now has the world’s highest speed internet network. But we will be able to take the lead.

    China now leads in wind and solar projects. But we will be able to take the lead.

    Instead of job training for work that is going out of existence, we will be offering ob training for new green energy jobs of the future.

    Go right down the whole list. The old saying,” every cloud has a silver limning ”
    We may even be able to make enough change to save us from being the 7th extinction on planet earth. (but I think the odds of that happening are at best 50/50

  9. I believe Obama will do everything in his power to pursue the progressive agenda in the next two years, and Congress will do everything they can to stop him. It will be a test of Congressional power vs Presidential power. My bet is that Obama will do much good in this scenario. Even the immigration measures he has taken have another dimension. The fact that they are temporary for three years means that there is a lot at stake in the next Presidential election. A Republican president will terminate them. A Democratic president will extend them and try to make them permanent. Since the Hispanic voting bloc is crucial, my bet is that they will help elect a Democratic president.

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